Montag, 26. September 2016

Take a step inside my mind

Hi guys,

My life is pretty busy right now, school is crazy right now and I have to work quite a lot at the same time.

The post about Mode Suisse Edition 10 will go online this week, part two will follow next week and Im going to start with the outfit I wore on that day. I chose to combine both parts of me, the grunge and the gypsy one. Its fall and Im inbetween again, like every year. During summer I got all the hippie thoughts and feels, while it getting dirtier and darker during winter. The dress represents the gypsy, my free soul and the feeling that comes with it. The creepers, leather jacket and bandana stands for the grunge, concerts, heavy music and being a bad ass.

Photography by Selina ( Blog/Portfolio )
Dress: Spell
Leather Jacket: Zara
Shoes: UNIF Bound Creepers



Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

Travel: Graz

Hi guys,

This summer I went to Graz. To visit a friend. Not one I met at a festival, at a blackmilk event, no. One I met via Instagram, one that fell in love with my profile, we got in contact two years ago and stayed friends since then. Really good friends, she seemed like a beautiful soul, inside and out. And hell yes, she is. We did all the things we talked about online in real life, went for a beer, at all day and strolled around the city. Shot our favorite brands, got crazy looks and didn`t cared at all.
 Some may would call a friendship like this risky, but why? I travelled to a wonderful city to meet someone whose even more beautiful. I got nothing to loose. We wanted to do this for months, years, but never found time.
We did, and it was amazing.

Do whatever feels good and you`ll meet friends for life, inspiring spirits and souls that shine so bright they cant make you anything else than happy <3 font="">



Montag, 19. September 2016

Night people, we get what we need

Hey guys,

Somehow my friday post went missing, no idea why but it just disappeared out of my timeline. I really hope this won`t happen again, there is so much time behind every single post that it quite annoying if several hours of work just slip away.

Enough sad talk, lets continue with something much better ->


Last weekend I went to Zurich to visit a Streetfoodfestival and it couldn`t have been more beautiful. Already visited a year ago at another location and it definately was a good decision to come back. The location was amazing, an old train station with art pieces everywhere, lights and balloons. Such an inspiring place that we just had to take some photos. The weater was seriously perfect, the last hot day this year probably and of course, the food! I really recommend to bring some friends with you so you can try as more different kinds of food, we ended up so filled up that we had to rest at the childrens playground for a bit.

Definately go and visit if there is one in your city =)

Shirt: Spell
Skirt*: C&A
Sunglasses*: C&A
Boots: Dr.Martens
Necklace: DIY



Mittwoch, 14. September 2016

Travel: Budapest

Hi guys,

Last month when I was at Sziget, we rented a flat in the middle of Budapest to explore the city in the morning, before we went to the Festival. I read so much about this place, how it should be Europes most beautiful city and how cheap it is. Let me tell you, its all true.

- Rent a flat via airBnB! They are really cheap but modern, clean and better than most appartments in capitals.

-Take your time, the city is huge and there is a lot to explore!

- Don`t visit the big baths, its a waste of your time and money, they are crowded af

- All the famous buildings are worth a visit, the arcitecture is stunning wherever you are

- Go and visit the Ruin Pubs, they are breathtaking and take you to an other world

Enjoy =)



Samstag, 10. September 2016

I`m face to face with myself and I know who I am

Hi guys,

My last summer Outfit. I feel really sentimental about it, this was my summer of sun and I had such a great time. I travelled more than ever, visited friends in other countries and did what felt right. So many memories that helped me grow, making a step forward on my way to myself and was able to inspire so many beautiful souls. I don`t regret anything at all, I stood behind all of my decisions cause they were based on how I felt about it in that moment.

What have I learnt this summer?

To always be yourself, to continue doing what feels right, not to be judgemental about other people, that its a good thing to be honest and say what you think, to listen to your body, to say no if you`re not sure, to be spontaneous, to appreciate the beatuy this world has to offer.

But most importantly?

To spread love, not hate.

Crop Top *: Gamiss
Shorts: old UNIF
Backpack: Primark
Boots: Dr.Martens
Sunglasses *: C&A
Plugs: Ask & Embla

( listen to the song, its phenomenal!)

Best wishes,


Freitag, 9. September 2016

We make love and love falls apart

Hi guys,

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite place when Im at home - our boat on Lake Constance. When I was younger we went out nearly every weekend, went Swimming and just enjoying the silence, me and my dad. Next year Im going to be able to drive it by my own, so happy to get this chance to spend more time on the water. As much as I love the sea and the waves, we dont have it here so I need to use what I got.

Where do you like to spend your summer?

Playsuit*: Gamiss
Necklace: Gypsy Love
Sunglasses*: C&A


Faye =*