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Vegan Travel: Why the UK is a vegan paradise and all the products you need to try!

Vegan Food in the UK that you have to try The world has seen a rise in veganism during the past year, and with that countless new products flooded the market. What used to be incredibly hard a few years ago, is now easier than ever and you can get your hands on all kinds of substitutes that taste better than the dairy or meat version.  The UK secretly rose up to be a paradise of plant-based alternatives and if you are visiting England, Wales and Scotland, live here or just want to look at some food porn - this is your guide to the best vegan cheese, sweets and meat alternatives!    Vegan Cheese Alternatives Long gone are the times when every vegan cheese tasted like cardboard or was stuck between your teeth. No matter if you are looking for hard cheese, cream cheese, parmesan or camembert alternatives, we got you covered in all price ranges - from big brands to little artisan masterpieces.   Bath Culture House   Let's start with a small handmade brand that combines sustainability,

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