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Vanlife: How stay connected on the road

Vanlife: How to stay connected on the road The dream always sounds so easy, as long as you got a laptop you can work from everywhere. In theory this sounds great, and living in a van takes the problem of needing a place with a plug in away, but there is one thing every digital nomad will face: internet connection and data. Its 2022 and we would assume you can get online for little everywhere by now, but sadly this isn`t reality yet and if you need WiFi or unlimited data for work until now it has always been one of the main worries when driving into a new country. Expensive unlimited data, non reliable public WiFi, a new SIM card in every country - not exactly optimal. While many countries offer inlimited SIM cards for reasonable prices, the issue starts to get really annoying when travelling regions with many borders, like Europe, as unlimited usually only means as long as you stay there and being stranded with no internet connection out of nowhere just adds a lot of extra stress. So w

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