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Van Tour VW LT 31 1981 Oldtimer Self Conversion

Van Tour VW LT 31 1981 Oldtimer Self Conversion
After what seems like forever, I finally finished the post that matches my Youtube Van Tour! If you haven’t seen it yet, you can go and check it out here -> Van Tour, or if you prefer reading instead of watching something, continue with this post.

If you follow me on any social media channel, you probably know that I moved in my own little van around four months ago and joined van life. During lockdown and Covid-19, I converted a 39 years old VW LT31 ex-military van into a home with a little help from my dad. A little backstory: I bought the van while I was still in Sri Lanka, my dad picked it up and it first went for a stop at the mechanics. The most urgent rust issues and a run over the engine and breaks were necessary, so this had to be done by a professional. When I got flown out to Switzerland from India, I ended up at my parents’ house and three months to somehow get over. The van was completely raw, he has been previously isolate…

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