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Europe: The Ultimate Vanlife Roadtrip through Southern France

Europe: The Ultimate Roadtrip through Southern France The next part of our journey through Europe takes us to the southern coast of France. All along the Côte d’Azur, through Monaco, into the Provence, the Camargue, and several iconic French cities. You probably heard of the luxurious little towns along that route, but did you know what kind of breath-taking landscape awaits you just a short drive inland? Accommodation is expensive, so doing with a camper van is the perfect way to go between city life and nature, stay for free and get the most out of your experience.  Itinerary  Monaco Villefranche sur mar Nice Grasse Cannes Les gorge du Verdon Marseilles Aix en Provence Camarque  Montpellier     Wildcamping Officially, wildcamping in France is prohibited. In reality, I have rarely been somewhere where the police was so chill about it! The French even pulled out their whole camping gear in a parking area in the middle of summer without a worry, so if you make sure to follow the common

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