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The Ultimative Goa Guide for Sustainable Travelers

The Ultimative Goa Guide for Sustainable Travellers
Goa. The smallest Indian state, but also the one that attracts more tourists and travellers than any other. Everyone has heard of it; some have been and many don`t even know exactly what or where it is. Famous for its parties, for the hippie columns that moved here via the legendary hippie trail from Europe, for the psychedelics and for its spiritual yoga culture, this place has a lot more to offer than just that. So let`s take a closer look on an area that has been talked about a lot, but still is so hard to grasp. 

History & Culture
As I already said above, Goa is one of 28 states that belong to India. It is the smallest one and has 1.5 million inhabitants. It’s located in the middle of the western coast and borders on two other states called Maharashtra and Karnataka. The reason why it’s so well known in the west, is the fact that the Portuguese had a huge influence on culture, religion and cuisine. 
The temperature in Goa is alwa…

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