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The Ultimate South Africa Travelguide for Female Solo Travellers: Part V - Drakensberg, St.Lucia, Eswatini, Krüger & Johannesburg

The Ultimate South Africa Guide for Female Solo Travelers: Part V - Drakensberg, St. Lucia, Eswatini, Krüger & Johannesburg
The last leg of your perfect South Africa Roadtrip, or the first one?  If you start in Johannesburg, this may be the start and the whole itinerary also works the other way around. So just click on my other guides down below to check out the route all the way to Cape Town!

Drakensberg, St. Lucia, Eswatini, Krüger & Johannesburg
There are many ways to explore this area, but if you want the real deal, this route will cover everything there is to see. The more time the better, but 1 to 2 weeks are the minimum you will need to cover the way from Durban via Drakensberg and St. Lucia to Johannesburg. 
Backpackers are a bit less frequent here, especially around St. Lucia and Swaziland but there are still accommodations for all kind of budgets. You will find the fanciest safari lodges alongside homestays; WiFi works at the better guesthouses but is wonky in cheaper pla…

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