Travel: Budapest

Hi guys,

Last month when I was at Sziget, we rented a flat in the middle of Budapest to explore the city in the morning, before we went to the Festival. I read so much about this place, how it should be Europes most beautiful city and how cheap it is. Let me tell you, its all true.

- Rent a flat via airBnB! They are really cheap but modern, clean and better than most appartments in capitals.

-Take your time, the city is huge and there is a lot to explore!

- Don`t visit the big baths, its a waste of your time and money, they are crowded af

- All the famous buildings are worth a visit, the arcitecture is stunning wherever you are

- Go and visit the Ruin Pubs, they are breathtaking and take you to an other world

Enjoy =)




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