Travel: Graz

Hi guys,

This summer I went to Graz. To visit a friend. Not one I met at a festival, at a blackmilk event, no. One I met via Instagram, one that fell in love with my profile, we got in contact two years ago and stayed friends since then. Really good friends, she seemed like a beautiful soul, inside and out. And hell yes, she is. We did all the things we talked about online in real life, went for a beer, at all day and strolled around the city. Shot our favorite brands, got crazy looks and didn`t cared at all.
 Some may would call a friendship like this risky, but why? I travelled to a wonderful city to meet someone whose even more beautiful. I got nothing to loose. We wanted to do this for months, years, but never found time.
We did, and it was amazing.

Do whatever feels good and you`ll meet friends for life, inspiring spirits and souls that shine so bright they cant make you anything else than happy <3 font="">




  1. Wow das klingt echt wundervoll!
    Schön, dass ihr euch endlich gesehen habt und es so schön war :)

    Ich wünsche dir einen wundervollen Abend <3
    Liebst, Sarah von Belle Mélange


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