Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

Food Wednesday: Cheesy Bread

Hi guys,

Ok seriously this is the best dish that was ever made in my kitchen. I love cheese, I could eat it 24/7 and this shit tastes a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Want to know how you can enjoy it too?
Read below!

You Need:
- Pizza dough
- shredded Mozarella
- Parsley
- Cheddar
- Butter
- Garlic

1. Roll the dough and put as much Mozarella on it as you like, some parsley and garlic powder on top
2. You know Calzone? Yes thats what we are doing now, flip the dough
3. Cut the half circle in stripes, the thinner they are the more people can eat but yeah, I enjoyed it on my own so
4. Mix melted butter with one crushed garlic and put all over the Calzone Thing
5. More cheeese. First Mozarella, then Cheddar
6. Bake it as long as the dough package says, for mine it was 13 minutes at 240 C
Enjoy and fly into cheese heaven <3 p="">


Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

Event: Olympus Photography Playground Zurich

Hi guys,
You may have seen on Snapchat ( @badaloevera ) that I visited Mode Suisse yesterday wiht my friend Selina. Before, we went to the Olympus Photography Playground to have some fun. I saw an add a few days ago and because we had enough time anyway why not use it for some fun for free? Yes, you heard right its completly free and you can also borrow a camera of your choice.
Its an exhibiton where you can go from room to room and try the borrowed camera ( or your own, whatever you prefer ) in different light situations etc. After you finished, the SD Card is for free and if you like, you can even print your pictures. The exhibiton travels from city to city and looks different everywhere they go ( depends on how much space is available ).
I really enjoyed running around with a camera that was completly different to what I normally use, pretty comfortable to just push the trigger and a perfectly fine photo comes out. If youre interested in photography I highly recommend to go there and check it out, nothing to loose if you dont like it. In Zurich its at the Photobastei and you can visit from 12-21 pm on weekdays and until 24 pm on Weekends, it will stay in Zurich until Valentines Day.

This post isn`t sponsered, because I dont have an Outfit post this week I thought you may would be interested in this =)

Samstag, 6. Februar 2016

Weekend Beauty Special: Lush Lust solid perfume

Hi guys,
Today I will take about something that surprised me and definately is one of my favorites.
The first product I chose from Lush was a perfume, the twist is that its solid and not liquid like normal perfumes. Behind every fragrance is a story, ask the stuff and they will happily tell you about it, you can also test through the differenct products because we all know they all smell different on your skin than on a piece of paper.
Lust does have a strong Yasmine scent, its made for strong women who know what they want and are ok with a dominant perfume. For me, not every fragrance was solid as strong as the liquid version and I think that the lighter ones may won`t be recognized if you use the solid version. They come in three Versions, liquid 30 ml / liquid 10 ml and solid 12 g, solid is the cheapest. To my big surprise, this one lasts forever on your skin and I could even smell it in the evening after a long day. I think it even lasted longer than all of my normal perfumes, I just put a little bit behind the ears and on my wrist. The color isnt visible on your skin, its an oily texture that melts if you touch it.
I really recommend to try this alternative to normal perfumes, as usual its cruelty free and comes in this little metal box. If you would like to order it online, you can do that at their online shop.
Heute geht es um ein Produkt welches mich wirklich sehr überrascht hat und eines meiner Must haves geworden ist.
Das erste Stück das ich mir bei Lush ausgesucht habe, ist ein festes Parfüm. Hinter jedem Duft steckt eine Geschichte, fragt ruhig mal das Personal und sie werden sie euch bestimmt gerne erzählen. Es lohnt sich auch mal sich durch die verschiedenen Düfte durch zu testen, schliesslich riecht jedes Parfüm auf der eigenen Haut komplett anders als auf einem Streifen Papier.
Lust riecht stark nach Yasmine, es wird beschrieben als ein dominanter Duft für starke Frauen . Nicht jedes Produkt rieht gleich stark als feste Version wie als flüssiges Parfüm, am besten einfach mal durchprobieren. Es gibt sie jeweils als 30 ml , 10 ml und 12 g solid wobei das feste jeweils das günstigste ist. Zu meiner Überraschung hält dieses bei mir wesentlich länger als alle anderen normalen Düfte die ich habe, am Morgen aufgetragen ist es abends immer gut erkennbar. Dafür entnehme ich einfach ein wenig Produkt und gebe es jeweils hinter die Ohren so wie auf die Handgelenke, die Farbe ist auf der Haut nicht mehr sichtbar.
Es lohnt sich wirklich das ganze mal auszutesten, wie immer bei Lush ist auch dieses Produkt Tierversuchsfrei und kommt in einer kleinen Metallbox. Wenn ihr es online bestellen wollt, könnt ihr dies hier tun.

Vielen Dank an Lush für die freundliche Unterstützung!

Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

The dust that you die on

Hi guys,

I told you that I got a new camera and because I didn`t had a photographer this week I tried to do it by myself, thats why todays photos look slightly different to what I usually do. Im so bad in taking photos of myself, I like to see what Im doing, the art behind photography and thats what is missing when I do that. But I hope you like them anyway =)

Btw, any other freaks around here who will stay awake sunday/monday night to watch the Super Bowl? I always watch it on my own, eat snack in the middle of the night and even if I don`t know anything about Football, it kinda is a tradition for me to do that.

Have a great weekend!

Shorts: Blackmilk
Necklace*: Dealsale Nr.19707
Coat*: C&A
Boots: Vagabond


Faye ="

Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2016

Food Wednesday: Pizza Snack

Hi guys,
As I told you my Birthday was last sunday and I invited some friends over on saturday. Even if Im really bad on cooking, with some help I enjoyed producing Little Snacks as this one. Maybe its THE Party Snack, so simple and yummy I think everybody had these at least once.
What you Need:
- Pizza dough ( or if you like another one better, it works with nearly everything)
- tomato puree
- cheese
- if you like onions, Peperoni or Salami
- garlic oil
- herbs
1.Roll the dough out and put tomato puree on it.
2. Put the cheese on it and additonal onions or Peperoni
3. Put herbs or pepper on it, as much as you like
4. Make a roll with the whole thing and cut it in little pieces as shown. If they fall apart, put the roll in the fridge for a few minutes before cutting
5. Bake it at 180 C for about 10 minutes or as long as the package of the dough says
Ready to eat!


Montag, 1. Februar 2016

Miracles are just too damn hard to find

Hi guys,
Yey, finally 21! Or already, can`t decide. I got the best present ever, my dad killed it and got me a new camera, the Canon 7D Mark ii. Big, big love. If you`re in an electronic store there is always one thing you`re dreaming of but know you can never afford it, for me it was this camera. Im incredibly happy with it, this is my last week off work and I will test the hell out of it as long as I still have time to. For sure it will be my best buddy for my upcoming travels, so exited!
Back to this outfit, my long term followers may know that I adore Spell and made most of my friends addicts to this brand. For quite some time I didn`t ordered anything, not because it wasn`t my taste but because other pieces were priority. Back in the game! First I wanted the black version of this dress, sadly ( or happily in the end ) it was sold out in my size so I decided to go for the red one instead. Never thought that I would love it that much, its much more Color than I usually wear, even when I pair it with black and to my surprise I think it looks great. This summer I want to wear more off shoulder dresses, it may sounds crazy but I would like to stop hiding my new scar and what better way can you think off showing your collarbone than wearing off shoulder dresses?
Before someone aks, yes it was cold without all the jackets, but for sure I don`t walk around like that and just took it off for a few minutes to photograph the dress.

Photos by Selina ( blog / photography portfolio )
Dress: Spell
Coat*: C&A
Jacket: Zara
Boots: Dr.Martens
Backpack*: C&A

Freitag, 29. Januar 2016

Weekend Beauty Special: Lush Shoptour

Hi guys,

If you follow me on Snapchat ( @badaloevera ) you may have seen that I have been invited by Lush to visit their shop in my city. Me and Selina got a shoptour, one of their shopassistens showed us the shop, answered our questions and let us try some of the products.

We all know Lush, the shop you can smell through the whole city with the beautiful colorful bath bombs. Everythings is cruelty free, most of the products are even vegan.

- They have a cosmetic line and you can use the products in many ways
- Ask the stuff about the stories behind the perfumes! There is one behind every single bottle and they smell amazing
- Lush is more than just bath bombs, they also have henna, soaps, face masks, deodorant, shampoo. peelings and so much more
- There is always a product which is sold for a good reason,all the money they raise will go into a Project which changes monthly. This time it was for clear water in south america.

We were able to choose some products and I will show you what I got during the next few weeks. I really like the philosophy and concept behind the brand, everything is produced in England, only the fresh masks are made in a little kitchen in Bern so that they can be sold as soon as possible.

A big thank you to Lush!

Wenn ihr mir auf Snapchat ( @badaloevera ) habt ihr villeicht gesehen das ich letzte Woche zu Besuch bei Lush war. Gemeinsam mit Selina bekam ich eine Shoptour im Store in meiner Stadt wo all unsere Fragen beantwortet wurden und wir die Produkte live ausprobieren konnten.

Jeder kennt Lush, den Laden den man schon von weitem riecht mit den farbigen Badebomben. Das ganze Sortiment ist Tierversuchsfrei und die meisten Produkten sind sogar vegan.

- Es gibt auch eine Kosmetiklinie, die Produkte sind vielfältig einsetzbar und ohne tierische Farben
- Fragt unbedingt das Personal nach den Parfüms und den Geschichten dahinter, es gibt nämlich zu jedem eine und sie riechen wirklich toll
- Lush ist mehr als nur Badebomben, es gibt sogar Henna, Seifen, Gesichts Masken, Deos, Shampoos, Peelings und viel mehr
- Es gibt immer ein Produkt welches für einen guten Zweck verkauft wird, der gesamte Erlös wird gespendet. Zur Zeit ist es für sauberes Wasser in Südamerika.

Wir durften uns ein par Stücke aus dem Sortiment aussuchen, ich werde euch in den nächsten Wochen zeigen was ich mitgenommen habe. Ich mag die Philosophie und das Konzept der Marke sehr gerne, alles wird in England produziert ausser die frischen Gesichsmasken, diese werden aus frische Gründen in Bern hergestellt.

Vielen lieben Dank an Lush für die Einladung!

Faye =*