Montag, 19. Februar 2018

I like the way you turn me inside and out / Thoughts

Hi guys,

Well, long time no see again. With all my duties at the moment, work, study, photography and helping my partner taking care of the little one I`ve struggled to write again. In december I wrote this really personal text, I wasn`t sure if this is a piece I should publish. But I want this to be a place for my thoughts, to proceed whats going on, the good and the bad, so I thought I would share it with you. I hope to soon be able to write more `thoughts`posts again, I truly love how much you all like them. 

There was this moment when it hit me like a bomb that something has changed. I loved to educate myself, I always liked to prepare for the worst. I looked at medical intagram accounts for educational reasons, worked with sick kids, dying adults and saw how ugly the world can be. But at this rainy monday in december it hit me. The picture of a toddlers heart, shortly before being transplaned, showed up on my feed, from one of the educational medical accounts, and I felt this incredible fear inside of me. Fear. Sadness. Anger. I went home and cried like a child My stepson was at the same age as this little person in my feed. And I could feel the grief these parents had to go threw like it was my own, I was always the distant one, extremly good at seperating things. I wasn't anymore. Something has changed and it makes me vulnerable. More emotional, and a better person.

Pictures by @trice_lightsource

Dress: Spell
Necklace: H&M



Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

Travel Guide: Paris / Versailles with a toddler

Hi guys,

Welcome 2018! This year will include some big changes on the blog. 
I want to stop just posting fashion photos and write shallow sentences under it, but write about things that are really important to me. I`ve done this since I started this blog, but only occasionally and I want to make this whole thing more meaningful, more educational and also - more personal. 

I want to start with our last travel journey of 2017, our trip to Paris with Michael and my stepson. We decided we want to use our holiday week with him and do an extended weekend trip somewhere we both wanted to go but would be too small for a whole week or two week trip in our eyes.
I fell in love with this city when I first visited in 2015, its pure beauty just blew me away. Versailles was on my list, and all of the beautiful arcitecture this place has to offer. We had four days incl arrival and departure day, so thats what this guide is based one. Sure Paris has much more to offer and if one day I will be here for a lay over or something, I have to go and finally visit the catacombs!

Where to stay? 

We decided to go with AirBnB, hotels and places to stay in general are crazy expensive here so I was happy to find a flat that was called family friendly, placed in a nice neighbourhood with enough space to place a baby bed in it. Always check if the flat is big enough for that, many weren`t and flats in Paris tend to be really really tiny. Also check for neighbourhood cause some definately aren`t made for kids, they are even dangerous at night. We stayed close to the Eiffel Tower, with many cute little food shops and restaurants just around the corner, I would definately like to stay in that area again. Cause we did not wanted to go to bed at 8 pm like the little one, we needed a balcony and our flat had a big one so we could stay awake, drink some wine and rest from the day while baby boy was safely asleep behind us. Sadly the bathroom was really moldy, the table had some misterious white substance on it and there was a fridge full with experied Food in it, but for that Price we can`t really complain about that. Just the part with the white substance when you say you come with a toddler was a bit shady to be honest.

How to get around? 

We arrived with the TGV, it departs multiple times a day directly from Zurich. Our first train had a two hour delay, I happily got a discount for that later on but apart from that it was a comfortable and nice journey. We had a stroller, a buggy, with us cause we didn`t wanted to carry him on our arms all the time ( getting a bit too heavy now ) and he wouldn`t be able to walk everything, also he was able to sleep while we were away from our appartement. Would really recommend that, otherwise you always have to go back to your base and sometimes the distances can be quite long so you would waste much time doing that. I prefer the Metro when in Paris, sadly its the stroller unfriendliest subway I have ever seen. There are stairs EVERYWHERE and no elevator, Michael had to carry it all the way down and up everytime we had to change lines or get on/off. If you have the chance to bring a carrier, even for bigger kids, definately do especially if you`re alone or dont have someone who can help you at all times. There are buses etc and we also walked a lot, we always do, but the Metro is the easiest way to get around cause there are stations around every corner.

What to do?

Oh there is so much to do and nearly everything is child friendly! We decided to go to Versailles, it was November so not too many tourists. He loved to run around and explore the Castle, I highly recommend to go there once in your life. It was really child friendly, when its warmer the garden is another place to explore and its the perfect place to play hide and seek. I personally wanted to go cause Im obsessed with history and maybe even annoyed Michael a bit with my historical Facts and Assasins Creed quotes ( seriously, why was Unity so unpopular?! I loved it! ) haha. 
Montmarte was quite nice, but the thousands of tourists even in winter took a bit of its charme. Also it was quite exhausting with the stroller cause its all up and downhill, but I would have loved to see this place during the 60s when it was a true artist meka.
We went on top of the Eiffel Tower, how touristy, and it was also really child friendly, we were allowed to take the stroller with us in the Elevator and there is much safe space for kids to run around on all floors.
Cause we were on a budget we did not enter the Louvre, but the big Plaza over and before it are gorgeous on its own. Again, much space to run around and play, you can bring the stroller and the arcitecture is marvelous!

It was a beautiful, relaxed trip for our first journey with the little one and we are so exited for the first big one in April! Stay tuned ;)

Do you have any questions, want to know more about a certain topic or want to let me know how you liked this guide, please leave a comment.



Samstag, 30. Dezember 2017

Took everything I had to not crash and burn, but I`m starting to learn

Hi guys,

So this is it. The most quite year so far on this blog, I never wrote less blogposts or did less shootings than I did this year. 
It has been a really challenging and hard one for me, I had the best and the worst moments of my life during the last 12 months. I grew, I went to rockbottom and back to the surface, learnt how strong I really was and how much of a fighter was sleeping inside of me. I learnt what Family really means, I got the chance to see life from a whole new perspective and I`m extremly grateful for that. Most importantly, love brought me here and love is what keeps me going, I experienced it in the highest version possible and still do. The fight isn`t over, but we came so far and won`t ever give up until everyone is safe, until we can live the life we all deserve to live. 

To a happy new year, filled with strength, success, many travels, hopefully more post and loads of love <3 p="">

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio

Kimono: Spell
Jacket: Zara
Turtleneck: C&A
Trousers: Missguided
Shoes: Dr.Martens

Love and kisses,

Faye =*

Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

Mövenpick: Ice cream in winter

Hi guys,

Some old Followers may remember my foodwednesday, so y'all know that I can`t say know to a food cooperation. And especially not if it has to do with ice cream!

When I think about Mövenpick ice cream, first thing on my mind is this little Mövenpick Gelateria where I grew up at Lake Costance. I used to go when I went to nurse school everyday after work, sat at the lake and just took time to relax. I used to go there for countless time, after travelling more and moving away 3 years ago and even further this year, I haven`t been for such a long time. It kinda represents me time, family time and a place where you can feel safe. Thats why I wanted to shoot These pictures at my home, the place I feel more at home then ever before with the people I love most, my little Family.
Ice cream is always considered summer food, but did you ever think about how many desserts serverd in winter have gelato included? I decided to take something a bit heavier, something you may normally wouldn`t choose in summer but is typically swiss - Double Creme and Merinque! 

Is there a certain memory you connect with ice cream? 

Enjoy decemeber lovelies <3 p="">

*Thanks to Mövenpick for the ice cream



Mittwoch, 15. November 2017

Beauty Special: Lush Christmas

Hi guys,

Im so happy to present you the Lush Christmas collection! As you know already, I love their products and Im able to show you their special collections from time to time. As always, I bought some of the products with my own money and got some from Lush directly to test them.

Last year they only had the normal body conditioners, but this year they decided to do all of them in a solid form without any packaging too! I loved the idea, less waste and more fun in the shower. It`s used the same way as the normal ones, just rub it on your body and shower it off to moisturize your body. Every time one of mine runs out I`m kinda sad, I always forget to use body lotion when I get out of the shower so this is perfect for me and it`s by far my favorite Lush product. This one especially smells like a sweet mint sugar cane, it feels extremly refreshing on your skin and I was suprised how long the smell stayed on.

This one turned the water into the most beautiful blue shade I`ve ever seen! All topped with a shit ton of glitter, it looked like the sky filled with stars and smelled like heaven. It probably turned into one of my favorite Lush bath bombs I have ever tried, first I wanted to leave it at the store but decided to try it anyway and oh it was worth it. Definately a secret favorite!

When I got the press flyer, this was the first item that caught my eye. I mean we all know Im obsessed with soaps and this one is freaking pear shaped, smells like pie and got glitter in it, sure Im in. Sadly it was sold out online and in store when I tried, you can imagine how happy I was when I had it in my package from Lush. 

Snow Fairy Solid Shower Gel

Ok so if you don`t like Snow Fairy, you can skip the next items cause I went slightly crazy. This is the best smell ever and I got so many items so I can use it all year around until it is released again. But let`s start with the solid shower gel, it feels a bit squishy which I actually like, same goes with it bottle like shape. It smells exactly like the normal shower gel, you just rub it on your skin and wash it off. I really like the package lesse products, for me the smell stays on your skin for a longer period and you can use the full amount, while with the bottles there is always a bit that stayes at the bottom.

I love Snow Fairy, I love Jelly Bombs and I love glitter. I mean what more could you wish for? No words needed, just go and get it! The slime is the same as with the Halloween one and your whole flat will smell like candy cotton heaven afterwards.

The same product as above, but this is the packed version. I got the small version, so will use it while travelling, their minis are perfect for this purpose by the way, I`ve used nothing else while on the road for years!

Some people break their bath bombs in two halfs to get more out of them, I don`t. It alread takes a lot for me to use this twice, but you defiantely can! Just strike through the water a few times with the wand and you will get amazing pink water and tons of foam to play with. I used it while baby boy was with us and he loved it too.

The normal version of the Body Conditioner, awesome as always. I did a Review of it last year, you can find it here.

This soap smells like a pine tree, like a ski weekend in the mountains, like an evening in front of a fire place with a glas of wine. I mean, it does have a great unique smell and looks really pretty too, what else could you wish for?!

Also a bomb that suprised me entirely. Such a strong, Christmas smell that stays for hours and bathing water that changes its Color from orange to red. I have to confess this already my second one, I loved it so much that I had to get another one for the time when Im more in the Christmas mood, with some cookies and mulled wine it`s heaven on earth.

Santa`s Belly Shower Jelly

I was so sure that I reviewed this before but can`t find anything. The shower jellys are so much fun, they keep the smell really well. I always got Problems showering with them cause I`m clumsy and the slip off my hands but my boyfriend for example loves them so much. The glitter on top disappears after a few uses, so you won`t be left with a golden body ( probably the reason he likes it that much haha).

Hope you liked this small Lush Christmas overview, 


Faye =*

Donnerstag, 2. November 2017

I wanna live lost in the moment

Hi guys,

How have you all been? I thought last year was a lot of change, a lot going on and challenging, but this one tops it all. Hopefully soon some of it will get cleared and a really power sucking time will be over, and I have to admit Im so tired right now.

What lays before me keeps me going, what I`m doing it for pushs me through the darkest episodes I have ever been through in my whole life, and my dream is what keeps me sane during this mess of insanity and hate.

<3 nbsp="" p="">

Photography: Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Dress: Spell
Boots: Dr.Martens


Faye =*



Montag, 23. Oktober 2017

Beauty Special: Lush Halloween 2017

Hi guys,

It`s that time of the year again: Halloween! 
The only month of the year when people don`t look at me like I`m a total weirdo cause they think I`m dressed up as a witch haha. 
So like every year, Lush has a special collection for this occasion and it`s fantastic as always. I got the chance to test some soaps and bathboms for you, so here is my review, I added the things i bought on my own too:

This one was so pleasing for my dark soul! It turns the water into a dark, black color and has a very subtile but nice smell, it didn`t produce the crazy amount of foam some other Lush bombs do but it was definately enough. I let my boyfriends son try it and he absolutely loved it too, white foam over black water and it crumbled very easily. Not sure if they changed the formula, but I had some bombs before that took way longer to fully emerge into the water so this was really satisfing too.

This bathbomb is the most halloweeny out of this years collection. I love the look of it, it turns the water into an orange Color as predicted but what I liked most was the fact that the smell stayed in the air for a long time. The smell is described as american candy, but for me for that I missed the famous pumpkin spice note. It does smell like fall though and in a really Relaxing way, so if you`re looking for that definately go with the pumkin bomb!

A classic! And I was devasted that I never tried it before, so I had to get this one. It spreads really slowly, which I liked in this cause so you can fully enjoy the color change in the water. The first ten minutes it`s a strong green, but when the shell is fully gone, it turns into a dark bloody red. The smell was as gorgeous as everyon described it, definately a candidate to be bought as a shower gel too! They now have a solid shower creme for almost all of the once they have as a gel too, I`m so looking forward to try them, definately keep an eye out!

My very first Jelly Bomb, hell I was excited to try this! There are so many new, special products at Lush that it will probably take forever for me to try them all. Despite seeing Videos on YouTube were people had problems with the shell, it disappeared quite fast and left a nice, thin slimy surface. I heard that some other Jelly Bombs produce thicker slimes, so I`m definately trying this soon too but for the beginning I really liked it. Quite a strong smell that stayed, which is always a plus point. I just wouldn`t recommend to stay in the bathtube forever cause the slime gets dry on your skin and hair which is quite weird feeling.

Im such a sucker for solid soaps. It got the usual block size from Lush, but with a gorgeous color transformation from green to red, slightly like Lord of Misrule. Nice smell, you can use it forever
( one Piece of Lush soap takes over 3 months to be used at mine and I use it around 10 times a day at least! ) and looks great on your soap display too.

Hope you liked my little review, check out there christmas collection and there new stuff which is quite awesome too! So many products without packaging which is absolutely great and many new, crazy types of products are availalbe now worldwide.


Faye =*

Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2017


Hi guys,

I love These photos. If you follow me for some time, you know Im no lover of colorful Outfits, and this is really, really red for my taste. As much as I still dressed it down with black, I adore the edgy vibes These shoot has and how strong some of them are. We really killed it on this day, how you feel in your clothes makes such a huge difference on how a photo turns out. As always, a huge thank you to my dear friend Selina, who takes most of my photos, for making my visions possible as much as I hope I can help you realise yours.

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Necklace: Free People
Boots: Dr.Martens


Faye =*