Mittwoch, 20. September 2017

That ultra-kind of love

Hi guys,

I can`t wait to scream it from the roof, I got wifi again! That means tons of new Posts, hopefully back to my old routine and more interesting content than ever cause I recently moved to Zurich. 

These photos were done by a lovely photographer I met a few months ago, taken in my boyfriends hometown on one of switzerlands most famous attractions. I added her link below the pictures, make sure to check her Instagram.
the dress is by Spell, I hunted it for such a long time and it was perfect for the last summer days this year. I love how not wearing a bra gives you so many more options with tops and dresses, would you be interested in an extra post why I went braless and my experience with it? 

See you next week peeps =*

Photography by Vanessa Barmettler

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: C&A



Montag, 11. September 2017

Food: New Roots Vegan Cheese

Hi guys,

I`m back from my longest break ever! 
New Outfits, new Food posts, maybe some Interior posts and a room tour around my new flat if you`re intersted, and tons of posts about me exploring places in my new hometown Zurich! If there is anything you want to read more about, leave it in the comments and I will see what I can do.

Todays post is about vegan cheese. I`m no vegan, I`m vegetarian and have been since I was six years old. But as I got older, I always tried to cut out as many animal products as possible and I stopped using cow milk years ago. But I just can`t cut off cheese at all, I love it too much and I feel like I would cheat myself if I would say I dont want to eat it. I always tried to find options to at least reduce my consume, but they all contained coconut which I can`t eat cause I get horrible stomach cramps afterwards. 

I got asked by New Roots to try out their vegan cheese, I heard of them before and tried some stuff at some local vegan markets, they don`t use any coconut but its all based on cashew. They make several different kind of cheeses, for example a hard, aged cheese, a camembert and a fresh cheese with different herbs on it. I got to try the "Aged Cheeze Nature" and the "Fresh Cheeze Greek Style".
And let`s say it right away, the fresh cheese is absolutely fantastic! On bread, on its own or with potatoes, my package disappeared really fast and everyone who tried it loved it. It got the cheese made of cashews with a really nice textured and the herbs are really giving the extra kick, they are well sorted and give the whole thing the extra power. 
As a normal cheese eater too, I had my issues with the hard cheese. It was a bit too chewy, tasted a bit like marzipan for me. I kinda got the cheesy vibe people talked about and I assume for full vegans its a really good alternative but for me it won`t be able to satisfy my cheese craving sadly. 

All in one they are way better than any other cheese alternative I`ve ever tried, I would love to try their cambembert too one day cause that`s one of my favorite cheeses. 

Several shops in switzerland store them, they sell their cheese on foodmarkets or you can just easily order online by checking out their shop.

Kisses and until next time,

Faye =*

Montag, 17. Juli 2017

You won`t be alone again

Hi guys,

Have you ever met your soulmate? Have you ever believed in soulmates? I never thought it existed. At all. Until I met this one guy, this one in a million who changed my whole life. Who made me see the world through a different light, we collided at a time where he was on his way to find himself and I was in full peace with myself. I started to believe that its faith that brings people together, to help each other through difficult times and to be able to rely on that person 24/7. But how is it to be with your soulmate during extremly stressfull and challenging situations? Its such a deep, meaningful and delicate connection, inside your soul, that if you`re too distracted it sometimes can be difficult to conntect with . During periods like this, you need to concentrate to find and listen to it, sometimes when everything around you seems so loud and overwhelming its a challenge to connect with that inner voice, that "soul string" that connects you with that other person. When life is calm , its time for bonding and strengthen it, but there are other times where you just need to suck from that connection to get the energy to push you through the hard times. I feel like its most important to talk about it and to find that balance between enjoying, strenghtening and using it as your powerbank, your enery source. And its especially important to take breaks, to just leave every day life and go with your other half somewhere just you two can be yourself. Thats why I travel. Thats why we travel. And next week, my and my soulmate will live van life for a week in Portugal, just us, a van, some surfboards and no plan at all. Before we take the next step and move in our own flat this fall, I cant wait to spend my life with this beautiful human.

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Dress. Spell
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell



Freitag, 30. Juni 2017

Surf Special: City Wave Zurich

Hi guys,

As you may know I love to go surfing. I already posted multiple posts about surfcamps and my past surftrips, but I`m in switzerland and there is no sea anywhere around here. So, can you still go surfing here and what are the possibilities to do so? Let`s start with something extraordinary!


This summer, The Wave Factory is bringing the City Wave to Zurich. It`s a wave in a pool, which allows you to go Surfing in the middle of the city without having to paddle, stand up or study the current.


You can book in your session online or just try your luck and go by to see if there is a free spot. You enter the wave on the side, depends if you`re goofy or regular, and already get in standing. Now it`s all about keeping your balance, and you can surf the wave until you fall. You`re only under water for a few seconds and end up at the end of the wave where you can get out.


The Citywave is based next to Frau Gerolds Garten just next to the train station Hardbrücke and the the Prime Tower. You can`t miss it, you can hear the water running from the outside and there are multiple signs.

What else to know?

It`s quite different from the ocean waves, you practically surf on the other side of the wave. There are many chairs and couches all around the wave where you can relax, they offer some amazing drinks and a foodtruck is based right in front. You can choose between a beginner or an advanced session, once session coasts around 45.- CHF and gives you 45 minutes on the wave, shared with other surfers after each other.

As you can see, I really struggled on the wave and my balance is just shit so it took me multiple tries to finally being able to really surf on the wave. But in a 45 min session you definately will be able to do it, even if you`re not sporty at all and thats something absolutely amazing, everybody who`s been at the beach knows that it takes much, much longer to even get to this point in the ocean.

If you miss the sea, want a city Adventure, watch some surfers ( entry itself is free!) or just have a nice meal, visit the wave, its open from tuesday to sunday until September.

A big thank you to the Wave Factory for letting me try out the wave!

You can book  your session or get more information on there Website ->

Best wishes,


Dienstag, 27. Juni 2017

I`m high again of your oxygen

Hi guys,

Finally managed to upload another outfit! I will have the special post I promised you hopefully finished next week, and some other new projects are also on the way. Spent the past few weekends at Festivals, would you be interested to see a little Festival Special up here?

If you ever wonder what to do with your swimsuit when you`re out of the water, check out what I did ->

Photography: Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Swimsuit: Arnhem
Shorts: Blackmilk
Boots: Dr.Martens

Faye =*

Mittwoch, 7. Juni 2017

I`m not coming down anytime soon

Hi guys,

God, again long time no post! My life is still so busy and crazy right now, I want to prepare so many Posts but its just hard to keep up at the moment. But I got a summer special series planned, as well  as a food guide through my hometown and I hope it all works out like planned. You know that Im into Surfing, thats why Im going to show you some possibilities on how to surf in a country without the sea.

I posted this Outfit quite some time ago on Instagram, its a two piece set by my favorite brand Spell and I really hope you like what me and my friend Selina did once again =D

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Rhiannon Two Piece: Spell Designs
Boots: Dr.Martens


Faye =*

Montag, 15. Mai 2017

Travel: UK Roadtrip / Scotland

Hi guys,

This is going to be a relly long post full of pictures, we took so many on this trip.

We first started off in London, stayed in my favorite part of the city, Camden. I can`t even say what I love more, beautiful architecture in a busy city or raw nature.
Next stop was Liverpool, we travelled there with National Express and it was a 5 hour ride which was quite nice and comfortable. I love the city, went back to the cathedral, you may remember it from last summer, which is one of my favorite buildings of all time. After a crazy night out with some of my best friends, we took the train to Manchester and spent my boyfriends birthday there before we would depart to Edinburgh the next day. Such a beautiful place, a bit too touristic but the oldtown is a must see. I don`t wanna know how many tourists are there in summer, it was April when we visited and it was already crazy crowded. I do recommend not to pay the ridiculous price they want to visit Edinburgh Castle, there are many much cheaper Castles in the highlands and if you`ve been in one you`ve seen all, they are all quite similar on the inside.
The next day we drove all the way up to Oban, visited Stirling and Loch Lomond on the way. Such a cute little fishermans village, if you ever got the chance to stop there please do. From the colosseum on top you got an amazing view and the shore is a must see. If you fancy seafood, buy some from the fisherman at the port, its all really fresh and according to my other half tastes delicious.
We really wanted to see the Harry Potter Viaduct but accidently forgot to check where it is, before we realised we drove past it and had to stop to climb the hills next to it. It was so worth it, don`t take the normal path but walk on the either side of the viaduct all the way up the hill behind it and you will get a view you only have to share with some photographers.
The ferry in Mallaigh brought us on the Isle of Skye, and that place is exactly how you imagine Scotland to be. We had perfect weather, it never rained but sometimes was dark cloudy and that was absolutely perfect for pictures! The drive to Eilean Donan Castle, called the Gateway to Skye, is really worth it and I was really glad that we chose to enter the Island via the ferry and exit it via the bridge so we were able to experience both ways. The Castle itself is a must see, its cheaper than other ones to enter but its also quite sadly restorated, it looks nothing like it probably had a few hundred years back. When we got to Loch Ness we were really surprised that the visitor center and all the attractions were based miles away from the actual Loch, we could`nt find a place to actually get down to the lake itself. Its pitch black , but don`t expect too much from it cause we were quite disappointed.
To end our trip we stayed a night in a Hotel in Inverness, the capital of the highlands. The city itself was quite boring after all the Things we`ve seen before on this trip, but it was a nice place to just relax and slowly come back to reality.

Many told us that we would not have enough time to see and enjoy everything we wanted, but actually I felt like we had and its definately possible to have the full experience in under a week in scotland.

Are you going on a trip through the UK too or do you have any questions? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section!

Photography done with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II