Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2016

Beauty Special: Lush Halloween & Christmas Soaps

Hi guys,

A few months ago, I told you that I prefer solid soaps to liquid ones and that its important for me that they are vegan. Last week I got a package with a few special Lush products and one of them was Santa's Postbox. I bought the Halloween one  Magic Wand by myself,  If I could I would get them all. 

The smell of this one is really fresh but still gives you that christmas vibe.  It cleans perfect like every Lush soap I tried and looks absolutely beautiful, it kinda reminds me of a Papaya.

This is the fall/Halloween soap. As a whole piece it looks like a ward, the look is amazing and actually the main reason why I had to get this one. It smells really fruity, the two parts do smell the same and it does look really pretty while using.


Faye =*

Montag, 24. Oktober 2016

Shadow Preachers, Nighttime Creatures

Hi guys,

I was in Fuerteventura last week for a surfing trip and I`ll tell you more about it soon. Lets just stay with it was wonderful and I would give so much to be back there, enjoying the waves and the warm weather. This possibly is my last summer look for 2016 and what better way to show it than with these photos shot on top of our surfhouse featuring two of my favorite brands.

What you may don`t know, I spent many childhood holidays on the canarian islands and somehow it felt like coming back to a happy place this time. Its where I learned to love the sea and where my fire for travelling started to burn. Where everything began.

Kimono: Spell
Shorts: Vintage
Necklace: Gypsy Love



Samstag, 22. Oktober 2016

I toss and I turn and I fall and I rise

Hi guys,

The days are getting shorter, darker and everybody seems to be melancholic. I feel like all of my friends are unhappy, sad about themselves or don`t know what to do with their lifes at the moment. And Im just here, somewhere between my happy hippie blatter and my beloved grunge side. Still feeling my personal freedom, happiness and even more blessed to know who I am, who I want to be.
I`m glad to walk my own path, to travel and meet so many inspiring souls on my way.

Never give up, life is way too beautiful to close your eyes!

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog )

Shorts: Vintage
Necklace*: Gamiss
Shoes: Dr.Martens



Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

Mode Suisse Edition 10

Hi guys,

As promised I will show you the pictures of the main Mode Suisse Edition 10 show today. I really hope that everything is labelled correctly, you can take a look on every designers website if you click on the Name

Such a beautiful collection! I especially loved the PVC pieces and the slip dresses, its also what we saw on the big runways this Season and definately something I keep up with.

One of my favorite swiss brands, I just can`t get over how amazing the harnesses and leather pieces are. Especially the leg braces, I went to the showroom later to get a closer look and they are absolutely stunning.

Really artistic and modern, again you can see how gender isn`t important anymore and now not only women wear suits or oversized pieces, men can also wear shorts and crop tops.

One of my favs, the prints were really cute and matched the cuts perfectly. I loved the maxi dress, such a good looking way to pair print with elegant.

Some nice crochet pieces that are easy to wear with nice underwear.

I loved the fabrics, how the play with plaid, satin and different cuts. Probably all of this looks would be worn by me without thinking twice.

Its black and white, so Im all in. I really liked the coats and the mens pieces in general, but the swimsuit also caught my eye with its simplicity but still interesting print.

Again this collection is proof that gender doesnt matter, how women can be sexy without showing much skin or tight clothes.

The evening was really long so the smiling models on roller skates were a great surprise. As a big fan of Lingerie and Swimwear ( yes I own way too many ) I loved the show, there wasn`t one piece I didn`t liked. Especially the high waisted bottoms and bodysuits were completly my taste.

This collection is absolutely stunning! No wonder Rhianna ordered one of her designs straight away and many other celebritys wore her pieces, I would do so immediately too. An amazing mix between the 90`s, Military and the 80`s.

I loved that they used diversity models in his Show, Im a big supporter of using all kinds of people for fashion and a friend of mine as diverse model herself. The first Outfit was actually presented by the designers sister and the crowd went crazy during this beautiful end of the evening. Im always looking forward to his shows, they have this special spark that Fashion needs more often. The clothes are still really wearable and not boring at all.


Faye =*