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Festivalseason 2019: OASG Festivalguide

Openair St.Gallen 2019 Festivalguide
After I already posted quite a few stories, photos and articles about Openair St.Gallen on Instagram and Feathers & Goldbears, its time for the big Festivalguide and I hope you are as excited as I am!

What is it?
Openair St.Gallen is a mainstream/alternative music festival in the east of Switzerland and has taken place ever year since 1977, which makes it the countries oldest festival without ever taking a break. The music is a mix between Artists that are currently in the charts, old school bands and swiss musicians, it is well known to give newcomer artists a place to play and many bands played OASG in their early years! Tickets are either available for 4, 3 or 2 days, daily tickets are only available for sunday and the 3/2 day tickets are only valiable from friday till sunday/saturday and sunday. Due to its unique location and the camping situation it wouldn’t be possible to control who has a ticket for that day and who doesn‘t.

How to get th…

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