Take a step inside my mind

Hi guys,

My life is pretty busy right now, school is crazy right now and I have to work quite a lot at the same time.

The post about Mode Suisse Edition 10 will go online this week, part two will follow next week and Im going to start with the outfit I wore on that day. I chose to combine both parts of me, the grunge and the gypsy one. Its fall and Im inbetween again, like every year. During summer I got all the hippie thoughts and feels, while it getting dirtier and darker during winter. The dress represents the gypsy, my free soul and the feeling that comes with it. The creepers, leather jacket and bandana stands for the grunge, concerts, heavy music and being a bad ass.

Photography by Selina ( Blog/Portfolio )
Dress: Spell
Leather Jacket: Zara
Shoes: UNIF Bound Creepers




  1. Das Band in den Haaren steht dir hervorragend, ach was sag ich, der ganze Look :) Passt einfach sehr gut zu dir!


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