Night people, we get what we need

Hey guys,

Somehow my friday post went missing, no idea why but it just disappeared out of my timeline. I really hope this won`t happen again, there is so much time behind every single post that it quite annoying if several hours of work just slip away.

Enough sad talk, lets continue with something much better ->


Last weekend I went to Zurich to visit a Streetfoodfestival and it couldn`t have been more beautiful. Already visited a year ago at another location and it definately was a good decision to come back. The location was amazing, an old train station with art pieces everywhere, lights and balloons. Such an inspiring place that we just had to take some photos. The weater was seriously perfect, the last hot day this year probably and of course, the food! I really recommend to bring some friends with you so you can try as more different kinds of food, we ended up so filled up that we had to rest at the childrens playground for a bit.

Definately go and visit if there is one in your city =)

Shirt: Spell
Skirt*: C&A
Sunglasses*: C&A
Boots: Dr.Martens
Necklace: DIY




  1. Oh ich find den Rock wunderschön & diese alte Hollywoodschaukel auf der du sitzt. So eine hätte ich auch gern :)

  2. Beautiful outfit, beautiful skirt! Das würde ich auch so tragen, echt toll.
    Liebe Grüße, Jessica |


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