Dienstag, 25. April 2017

Beauty Special: Lush Easter 2017

Hi guys,

Are you exited for easter? I don`t celebrate the Holiday but I`m craving for the sweets and special products coming around during that period of the year. So does Lush and I was able to test some of them, as always they are quite fancy.

A purple colored shower gel with an amazing smell, quite sweet but with the perfect note of herbs. It cleans really well and it also works really well as a gift, you definately can`t go wrong with this one!

Wash behind your ears Shower Gel

This one was really surprising at first, cause it actually turns your skin orange during the first few seconds. It will wash away but I was quite shocked when I used it and was completly orange before I washed it off. It smells like easter, fresh, a bit like spring but with a veggie note.

Ok this was love at first sight. Im obsessed with Lush`s Lip Scrubs and who can resist chocolate? I must confess I always end up using more than I should to eat it, but it works wonders on dry lips to remove the little pieces of skin and it tastes like heaven.

Which came first? Bath Bomb

At first it looks like a normal bathbomb, but if you crack it up or put it into water it will show you whats inside - a little chicken! Such a cute idea, it smells amazing and as always, it turns your bath water into a beautiful unicorn pool.

Thanks to Lush*!


Faye =*

Mittwoch, 12. April 2017

We'll catch alight and we'll make you listen

Hi guys,

How are you all?

I`m incredibly busy right now, but you know what?
Friday I will finally be on the road again. Where my soul belongs, in a car somewhere new, exploring the unknown. This time its scotland, beautiful landscapes, whiskey and hopefully a place to slow down for a bit. My first bigger trip this year, I`m so looking forward to it cause the last few months I felt like a drug addict who only gets a sip every few months but the real deal isn`t reachable.
I will take as many photos as possible, got more equipment with me than ever and a motivated photographer by my side.

PS: Let`s all appreciate this beautiful skirt for a second, isn`t it just stunning?!

Photography: Selina K. ( Blog/Portfolio )

Skirt: Spell
Loafers: UNIF



Mittwoch, 5. April 2017

Thoughts: Far from pretenders

Hi guys,

You always love my thoughts Posts, so here is another one. About finding yourself, about drugs and my opinion of freedom.

I'm so sick of being surrounded with hate and negativity, with walls and boundrys.
I want to surround myself with love and positivity 24/7, I want to jump and be free whenever I want to and not when society tells me I can or should. I want it to be my own decision with who I spend my time with and how, I want to spread and create love, to inspire others and maybe make this world a bit of a better place. I dont want to kill my body with drugs, to seduce myself just to may be able to feel this highest feeling of being my trueself.
You know what?
Our own body is capable too feel it much stronger, rarer and honest on its own. We only need to allow it to ourselves, to free us from all the things we got told as 'normal'. How should we be able to feel all of this to the highest point if we manipulate our body? We are not.
We may lie to our mind, our soul, that we are but in fact we do the opposite of what we actually want. By beingt caught up in this society, it sometimes seems to be a chance to be in a better place, to reach whats deep inside us and wants to get out. Or to seduce it.
But shouldnt we all just start to clear our mind, our body, and start giving it the chance to do the real deal? Not to just talk about it, to actually do it.
All of it.
To feel every moment to it fullest, to train our senses in a way where they can bring us to a whole new level, something we could never achieve by adding something from the outside.

Isnt our inside, our mind, the biggest, happiest and most satisfying drug?

Top: Blackmilk
Skirt: Blackmilk
Bracelet*: Charriol
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Jacket: Zara


Faye =*