Beauty Special: Lush Easter 2017

Hi guys,

Are you exited for easter? I don`t celebrate the Holiday but I`m craving for the sweets and special products coming around during that period of the year. So does Lush and I was able to test some of them, as always they are quite fancy.

A purple colored shower gel with an amazing smell, quite sweet but with the perfect note of herbs. It cleans really well and it also works really well as a gift, you definately can`t go wrong with this one!

Wash behind your ears Shower Gel

This one was really surprising at first, cause it actually turns your skin orange during the first few seconds. It will wash away but I was quite shocked when I used it and was completly orange before I washed it off. It smells like easter, fresh, a bit like spring but with a veggie note.

Ok this was love at first sight. Im obsessed with Lush`s Lip Scrubs and who can resist chocolate? I must confess I always end up using more than I should to eat it, but it works wonders on dry lips to remove the little pieces of skin and it tastes like heaven.

Which came first? Bath Bomb

At first it looks like a normal bathbomb, but if you crack it up or put it into water it will show you whats inside - a little chicken! Such a cute idea, it smells amazing and as always, it turns your bath water into a beautiful unicorn pool.

Thanks to Lush*!


Faye =*