We'll catch alight and we'll make you listen

Hi guys,

How are you all?

I`m incredibly busy right now, but you know what?
Friday I will finally be on the road again. Where my soul belongs, in a car somewhere new, exploring the unknown. This time its scotland, beautiful landscapes, whiskey and hopefully a place to slow down for a bit. My first bigger trip this year, I`m so looking forward to it cause the last few months I felt like a drug addict who only gets a sip every few months but the real deal isn`t reachable.
I will take as many photos as possible, got more equipment with me than ever and a motivated photographer by my side.

PS: Let`s all appreciate this beautiful skirt for a second, isn`t it just stunning?!

Photography: Selina K. ( Blog/Portfolio )

Skirt: Spell
Loafers: UNIF




  1. You are lucky to have such a gifted photographer. The skirt is pretty too. It compliments the crop top.


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