Live in concert: Northlane, Polaris & Void of Vision

Hey guys,

As a fulltime traveller who absolutely hates winter and the cold, I'm rarely able to shoot bands during the European tours these days. So I took my chance during the two weeks in Switzerland to do at least one concert in this season. And as Northlane played a show with Polaris and Void of Vision in Aarau just before Christmas, I was very excited to go back to do what I love for a night. Incredibly excited for the festival summer 2020 and to work with many different artists along the way. So if you're looking for a photographer in Europe in June/July/August, please reach out via !

One of the leading bands in metalcore and a rare example that changing out a lead singer doesn't mean the end of a career. Their latest albums were important milestones for the scene including a different approach to combine heavy riffs with some electronical components. While there are not that many well-known general artists from Australia, they really seem to love metalcore. Some of the top-notch bands of the genre have their roots in Down Under. And Northlane as much as Polaris are definitely two of them! 
The show was incredible: a great interaction with the crowd and an amazing light show really made the evening one to remember - even for people who don't listen to the band regularly. 

The first support act of the night was another Australian Metalcore band: Void of Vision. Offering a wide range with a clean singer and a shouter, they actually were able to warm up the audience quite well, especially as an in Europe not very famous artist. Definitely a band to watch. Looking forward to see where they are going to in the future! 

One of my favourite smaller scale metalcore bands and rising stars in the scene. It’s another Australian band and I already knew that they play really good concerts - Polaris! 
In comparison to the other two, a more melodic band with powerful lyrics and sing along songs. I`ve seen them before at festivals and on a concert two years ago. Once again, they didn't disappoint and made the crowd form all the mosh pits, wall of deaths and circle pits to prepare them for Northlane.