Digital Nomad Guide: Cape Town

Digital Nomad Guide: Cape Town

Everyone who has worked independently, from their computer or online in general, probably knows what it means to run from WiFi spot to WiFi spot. For us digital nomads, it’s our everyday challenge to find an office with reliable internet and good working environment. And if the place offers high quality food or drinks that's definitely a plus too. There is the possibility to go to a Co-Working space, but also many reasons against one, especially if you're just passing through a place or want to pop by spontaneously. And that's where cafés come in. 

Cape Town is a hot spot for digital nomads and coffee heaven: there is literally a cute one around every corner and someone is always working there. But which one offers the fastest WiFi, let you stay forever, has vegan options and provides you with a great working environment? Here we go!

Motherland Coffee Company
St.Georges Mall, CBD

If you read my vegan Cape Town guide, you probably already heard about this place. They obviously offer an amazing vegan menu and milk alternatives, but despite that they are placed at a pretty perfect location next to Wale Street in the CBD. No matter where you’re based in the city, Motherland is always just a short ride away and their WiFi is fast, reliable and uncapped which is especially important. The staff will let you work, and the dark, wooden interior provides a perfect office environment. No plug-in stations, but there is a separate space a bit higher where you can sit without the traffic of customers at the counter. Definitely one of my favs for a morning or lunch working session. And if you feel like doing a bit of culture afterwards you can just join the free walking tour right in front of the cafe afterwards!

Multiple locations all over CT

Bootlegger is a coffee shop chain from Cape Town with mainly locations all over the city, but they also have a few stores outside like in Muizenberg or Joburg. This is one of my personal favourite shops - the one in Greenpoint was really close to my place and the staff is incredibly friendly. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for you to be served, but if you ask directly they are always with you in a second. Always a plus point if they sell a Soy Flat White Matcha and they have one of the best in town. Most locations have in- and outdoor seating, even with a heater if it gets colder. The WiFi is really fast and uncapped. I worked there for 8h with only ordering a drink and a meal without any issues. Definitely go there for an afternoon / evening session as they have half priced burgers from 4.30pm on which is pretty epic - you won't get food that good & cheap anywhere else. 

Bree Street, CBD

Dapper is probably the most extraordinary cafe you can find in Cape Town. I mean, old-timers and fancy cars next to pretty fantastic coffee in the middle of town?! They serve a Soy Matcha which is nice (not the best but still good) and the WiFi is reliable and fast. As far as I know its uncapped and there is enough space to work while overlooking the car exhibition in the same room. So if you need a break just stroll around and take a look at these pretty badass vehicles. It feels a bit like working in a store but it’s pretty quiet despite being situated on Bree. Maybe not the place to work at everyday but definitely a must visit if you're in town!

Bean There Coffee Company
Wale Street

Wale Street is where quite a few coffee shops and bars are situated close to one another. Bean There is one of them. A cute little cafe next door to the Gin Bar / Honest Chocolate with decent coffee and fast WiFi. They sadly don't have many other options than coffee and the ice tea isn't homemade. Another thing is that they close at 4pm, which for me as a night owl, is a bit sad. But if you're a morning person it’s definitely a great, light spot to work before exploring the city. 

Corner Bree / Wale Street

Another favourite of mine is Clarkes at the corner of Bree and Wale Street. It has a seating area right in front, one inside at the bar, a small little outside area in between and another big room in the back. They offer really good homemade food and ice tea and fast WiFi (capped though!). The store is just so freaking beautiful with loads of space so that I had to return again and again. I personally also really like the location: close to everything and at my two favourite streets in the city. Plus always friendly waiters that truly care about you.

Truth Coffee Roasting
Buitenkant Street
No coffee guide would be complete without Truth. This cafe is legendary for many reasons: the coffee is extraordinary (even though not many options for non-coffee addicts), it looks like right out of a Mad Max movie with all the steampunk interior and during the night there is a secret to explore...f you got the chance, also visit them in the evening, the cocktails there are something special and it feels like being thrown back 80 years. The WiFi is capped but still very good with tons of digital nomads working there every day. And even the staff is dressed according to the theme! 

Yours Truly
Kloof / Loop / Long Street

Yours Truly is so popular that they now have three branches on the most popular streets in the city. The one on Kloof Street has a rooftop bar which is pretty epic and a must visit for a sundowner. The one on Long is small but with a quiet back, where you can work in peace. And the one on Loop is my personal favourite as it’s just around the corner from Aces & Spades, turns into a Hip Hop bar during the night and looks absolutely beautiful with the wooden interior, plants and big windows. You can either sit in- or outdoor, the food is really good and even though no Matcha, you get really good coffee here. WiFi is uncapped, no one cares if you stay all day and there are separated booths in the back where you can work undisturbed. 

The Field Office

A place I discovered during my last week in CT, a hidden gem in Woodstock and next to a beautiful AirBnB that my friend rented. It’s only open until 4pm but offers great breakfast, smoothies and coffee (and Chai!) - all freshly made instore. There are always people on their laptops, the WiFi is fast and reliable with no limit. As it is situated in a really quiet neighbourhood there is not much distraction and on a sunny day you can even sit outside. If you're in the area, stop by for a few hours, it’s totally worth it!

This guide will be constantly updated, so check it from time to time to discover new places that are popping up!




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