Travel Diary: Liverpool / Manchester

Hi guys,

After 3 years of not being in the UK, I once again visited one of my favourite city's  in the world - Manchester

What fascinates me about this place? The red bricks, the beauty of old vs new, the alternative scene and the cloudy sky. Did I already mention the red bricks?! Ok yes I am obsessed with them, but how could I not, they do give this placed a unique vibe. So this is a photoseries dedicated to this place that stole my heart years ago, along with another one that holds a special place, Liverpool. 

They say not to love a wild thing
But you didn‘t listen
You let me take you on my ride through life for a little while
You know you couldn‘t tame me but you never wanted to
So aware of what it means and all the pain that comes with it
But the ride was worth the fall
When you fell for a wild soul



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