Festival Season 2019: Southside Festivalguide

Southside 2019 Festivalguide

Here it is! The first of this years festivalguide series, and it`s an epic one. 

How to get there

As I mentioned above, Southside takes place in Neuhausen ob Eck, a small village in southern Germany near Lake Constance. You can either get there by train, a train ticket for the state of Baden-Würtenberg is included in the ticket price or take the plane or your car. If you want to arrive by plane, the nearest airports art Munich, Zurich and Stuttgart. Most people arrive by car, so you can either use the general parking or if you have a campervan, there is a special upgrade you can buy to camp at the caravan camping.

Camping & Facilities

During the past few years, different camping options became more popular. On Southside, you can either go to general with no additional coast or buy an extra ticket for the resort ( prebuild & special facilities ), VIP ( camp next to your car, short distance and extra toilets/showers ), claims ( reserved space for your group ) or green camping where there are several rules regarding enviromental friendly behaviour and volume.

As the festival takes place on a airfield, the highway is what centers the camping space and around it  is the general camping area. There are two shower blocks, water toilets and enough dixies, the special grounds also have their own. All around that main street are food stalls, a party stage and some activities like wingsuit flying in an air tunnel, so you don`t even have to enter the festival area itself to find these things.
The first time this year Aldi put up a big pop up store on the camping ground where you were able to buy whatever you wanted really cheap which was kinda awesome. I highly recommend to buy your breakfast there as they got fresh bread & fruits every morning!

Music & Line Up

Southside is an alternative music festival ,which means that artists of many different genres are performing. There are always quite a few indie, alternative and pop artists, but the Line Up is mostly really diverse with rock, metal, hip hop and electronical acts so there is something for everyone.

This years Headliners were The Cure, Foo Fighters, Tame Impala, Die Toten Hosen, Macklemore, but there were many others playing the festival like Parkway Drive, Papa Roach, Enter Shikari, Annenmaykantereit, Steve Aioki or the Wombats.

People / Vibe

The reason why this festival is so special: the overall vibe and the people! Everyone seems to be in another, non judgemental state where you just tell everyone all the positive Things that come to your mind, you dance with strangers and make new friends within seconds. Yes, it is mostly easy to meet people on festivals but on this one, I have literally never been alone for more than 10 minutes. Personally, I do love that "left" vibe these kinds of festivals have, it is very inclusive and you can just feel the love in the air. It is the perfect place to stroll around on your own, make friends for life, for a night or meet old ones you haven`t seen in years!

Food & Drinks

There is a crazy amount of food stalls on the festival itself and some are place right next to the camping area. I have rarely seen such a nice variety of food, and in comparsion to other festivals or previous years, everything seemed very hygenic and well thought through. Most stalls aren`t individual trucks or boots, but merched under the Southside sign so it looks way more even and it`s  easier to find out what they are selling. They also marked the ones with veggie or vegan offers very obvious next to the Name of the stall!
Becks is the official beer sponsor, but they also have quite a few different bars with Fancy cocktails and every one offers something else which is quite nice. Other big sponsors are Rockstar and Jägermeister, so you can find their beverages in many different places too.


As I mentioned above, 2019 was the first year where they placed a bigger "Landebahn Stage" in the middle of the highway that divides the campground. The past few years there was a smaller version of it or a party tent, but this actually made it possible for a lot more people to come by and was especially used by many after the festival area closed during the night. In the morning, there were Poetry Slams and comedy acts, which was a nice way to wake up and many came by with their chairs to chill.

The tyre manufactor Firestone had its own small stage where they invited newcomer artists and let them play when there was a break on the mainstages. It looked like a lot of fun, and is especially great to find new music or just listen to something in between the big acts.

As this is the last year with the Jägermeister Deer, they had some pretty epic artists who played DJ sets on it! If you need a place to dance and have a good time, this is the right place to go and I`m excited what they come up with after the deer is gone.

There are four main stages on the actual festival are. The two big ones are the Blue and Green Stage where the main acts play, the red one is mostly for smaller artists and has been a tent in the previous years. All three are situated next to each other and the sound was quite good with all of them, there was no disturbance even though they weren`t that far away from each other. The fourth one is the white stage, where there are DJ acts during the day and it turns into a DJ party tent during the night, this stage is also open even after everything else is already closed down.


Every festivals needs sponsors and very often they are the once offering different activities than just music. I already mentioned a few like Jägermeister with their `Platzhirsch`, Firestone with that newcomer stage and Aldi with that big store in the camping area. But there were some more like Rockstar, some cigarette brands and another chill out area from Aldi on the infield.

Enviromental friendly

I wrote a big solo post about this on Feathers and Goldbears as it is a very important topic, so just hop over by clicking here!

A big thank you to Southside Festival for having me, I had a blast and it definately was a weekend to remember.
 Can`t wait to be back in a year and do it all over again!

I hope you enjoyed this guide and if there is anything I missed that you wanna see in the next view guides, please just write it in the comments.