Austria Burgenland Travelguide

Austria / Burgenland Travelguide

How to get there?

Vienna is an hour drive away, so there is the possibility to fly there, or take the train, and rent a car or a camper. If you start from mainland europe, you can just drive there with either a normal car or a camper/mobile home. If you don`t have a driver lisence, there are buses and trains available, also one of the most usesd ways to get around if you made it to lake Neusiedl actually is by bike.

Where to stay?

There are many small guesthouses around Lake Neusiedl, actually on both sides of the lake. We always stayed in a small village called Podersdorf, which is near the national park and has some amazing restaurants called "Heurigen". You can either choose to stay in one of these guesthouses, or if you are camping like us, go and stay at one of Austrias biggest camping grounds right at the lake. It is called Strandcamping Podersdorf Strandcamping Podersdorf, has a small Supermarket, a beach with watersport options, a playground and two sanitary houses. We rented a big camper which we drove from Switzerland to Austria, our model was a very luxurious Sunlight Motor Home via Rema Camping. We were very happy with the car, it was extremly spacious and easy to drive, probably the most comfortable driver seats I ever been in! There is always the possibility to camp in a tent or to rent a mobile home on the camping ground, or to come with a camper van too.

What to do?

Bicyles are as popular as they are in Amsterdam! You will literally see them anywhere, and it is the easiest option to explore the area. There is the national park with wild horses, many different birds, a tower to climb and many `Heurigen` where you can stop for some lunch or dinner. Horse riding is also a good option, but I recommend to stop by at the Georgshof even if you are not into horses. They serve really good food and have a nice playground for kids.At the lake, there is a lighthouse and a beach promenade, where you can grab some icecream, relax at the beach or go to the many playgrounds. If you stay somewhere in Podersdorf, you will get a tourist card which gives you free entry to nearly everything. On the other side of the lake is Austrias`s biggest family park, but make sure to book your tickets in advance and be there very early in the morning, it does get crazy crowded these days. If you wanna relax, there is big bathing therme right around the corner and if you wanna go shopping, Vienna and a few outlets are only an hour drive away. Lake Neusiedl is famous for its watersports like kiting, wind surfing and SUP. 

What to eat?

The most amazing dishes are served in little restaurants called " Heurigen", you can find them in every village in the region. They normally have a garden or a terrace, they serve many different wines and anything that involves grapes. One of their most famous dishes are Sauerkraut and big, cold plates with different kinds of cheese and meat, served with non spicy chillis. Many dishes are served cold and with wine, but the big plates also make it easy to eat out with kids, they can choose whatever they like and you can share them with multiple family members or friends. There are some usual supermarkets around to help you stock up on breakfast, but stay away from the small shops at the beach or the camping ground,  they are incredibly expensive and only have very little variety.

We would definately recommend a trip to Austria for anyone who is on a budget, wants a relaxed summer holidays with a big variety of entertainment and lots to do with kids. There are options for every price class and even if you are just driving through, Looking for a day or two to stop, this place is worth to be to explored.

If you got any questions, feel free to put them in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this guide as much as we enjoyed our trip and we can`t wait to see you soon,