Festivalsummer 2019: Festivalpeople - Summer Breeze Edition

Hi guys,

I'm pretty sure most of you have already heard of the fact that metalhead are extremely kind and soft people. There is no better place to experience this beautiful atmosphere than on a metal festival like Summer Breeze, I have never seen mosh- and circle pits as responsible as I have seen them there. Nobody was thrown into a pit they didn't want to get involved with, everybody took care of one another and the most fascinating part, the variety in age was so wide that youngsters and people in their 60s were rocking out next to each other. They also had the lowest crime and accidents rate in years, which is another proof how amazing the crowd is.

Thanks to all of you Summer Breeze people for making this festival such a special experience!

PS: As always, if you find yourself in one of these pictures and want in  a better quality, email me and please give me credits if you use them!