Festivalsummer 2019: Festivaloutfit - Sziget Special

Hi guys,

So I promised you one last special festival post for the year, and here we go.  I went to Sziget Festival privately this year and as always, it was one magical experience. I wrote about the festival itself multiple times the past few years, as this was the third time I attended. 

I don't want to loose too many words, it has been a beautiful, perfect week of dancing, meeting new people and just celebrating life with some of the best vegan food I ever had paired on a very conscious and sustainable festival.

Let‘s make what we have something unforgettable
One last time
Twice for the sake of it
We weren‘t made to last
We were made to thrive 
I‘ll never forget you
These memories of mine will never leave me
The way we had to let each other go 
To become who we were made to be 
bittersweet & beautiful 
One last time

Dress: Maisie Bambi Gown by Spell