Festivalsummer 2019: Concerts - Summer Breeze Edition

Welcome back 

Isn't it crazy how fast time flies by? Summer is nearly over, festival season once again already ended and this is the last edition of this years Festivalsummer series. I want to start with a celebration of the main aspect of a festival - the music, the concerts and the artists. 

Summer Breeze is a metal festival, it hosts acts of all subgenres and attracts over 40´000 people from all over the world. While personally I`m a lover of metalcore and pop punk, which is on the softer spectrum of metal, its a perfect place to find some new inspiration. New artists share the stage with well known bands and I hope you may find some new gems or long forgotten favourite in this selection of musicians I will show you in this concert post.


A norwegian metal band that mixes hardcore punk with death metal and rock n roll. I haven't heard of them before the festival but wanted to check them out as they played quite early on the first day. All the lyrics are in norwegian, even though probably most of the audience didn't understand a word the crowd went absolutely crazy and they really heated it up. One thing I love about punk bands is their interaction with the people and they did not disappoint, the lead singer went into the crowd and this is definitely a band to watch if you haven't heard of them before!

In Flames

In Flames where one of the headliners and have been around for 25 years. They make melodic death core, but started using more modern elements during the past few years and can also be counted of one of the earliest bands that did metalcore. The crowd was insane and it was obvious how big they are, they attracted half of the festival and while Of Mice & Men played at the same time, many actually stayed at the In Flames concert until it was over which left the other stage rather empty. Their new album is absolutely amazing and especial I am above is such a great song, it is a bit softer than the old stuff but checking it out I definitely worth it!

Of Mice & Men

This band has been one of my favourites for years and they never disappoint. Strong metalcore breakdowns with deep lyrics and an amazing live performance, they really deserved the headlining slot on the second stage even though they easily could have done the big one. As mentioned above, In Flames played at the same time so it only started to fill up after they finished and it was rather empty at the beginning, the overall vibe was great and what would a core act be without a good old mosh pit? Boring!


A friend suggested to go and watch them because of their amazing guitar riffs, they are a power metal band from England and the whole stage looked like straight out of the 80s. I mean, how freaking awesome are these Arcade Podiums?! It was a lot of fun, definitely entertaining with a funny portion of weirdness while the lead guitarist licked his guitar from time to time. One musician left the band a few shows later but they all seemed to have a lot of fun along with the audience.


What a surprise! I have heard of this artist before, but actually had no clue where to put him. Such an amazing performance with great music and a lot of fun, everyone seemed to feel the same way and it was a blast. Skindred mixes Reggae with Metal, Hip Hop and Punk which leads to one unique mixture. I was also absolutely in love with their stage outfit, I mean, look at his jacket!


Airbourne has been around for a while, they are a hard rock and heavy metal band from Australia with a solid classic kind of a style. It felt like a throwback, everything was on point and how beautiful is the light/fog situation on stage? Always worth to pop by and enjoy the show with these guys.

Bury Tomorrow

Another classic metalcore/post hardcore band and one of my highlights. They are from England, played alongside other big bands of the scene like While She Sleeps or Architects and made the crowd go crazy with all of these Wall of Deaths, Circle and Moshpits! Also check out their new album, it is an absolute masterpiece and there is something for everyone on it.


Not really sure what to say about this one, they got famous through their surprising win at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 and probably all of us can still sing along to Hardrock Halleluja. They are a finish hard rock and heavy metal band, even though it felt like most of the audience primarily came just because of their well known costumes and that one song, it was a really weird show especially with the female keyboarder twisting and turning on the floor. No must see, but ok to pop by if you are around anyway.

Burning Witches

No other band attracted such a huge crowd in front of the very small newcomer stage and no other band had an audience that was mostly men. Burning Witches are a swiss all female heavy metal band with a sound that resembles the classic 1980s metal bands, the show was pretty solid even though not everyone looked that comfortable on stage, it was an interesting show and I'm excited to see where they are heading in the future.


Another swiss band, they played the main stage on late sunday afternoon and literally put it on fire. They got nine members, many different unusual instruments and play folk metal. Every artist once got the stage and was in the spotlight which is a really nice feature, they generally had a beautiful feel good vibe and if I ever got the chance to see them again, I totally would. Everyone seemed so passionate about what they were doing, the show was well thought through and this genre of metal isn't played by many bands as it involves so many different aspects. 

I really hope you enjoyed this short overview, the photos and got an impression of the concerts at Summer Breeze! 

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