Festivalsummer 2019: Festivalpeople - OASG Edition

Hi guys,

So as I said before in the Southside Festivalpeople post, the crowd is what makes a festival experience truly magical. So here we go with another post dedicated to all of you beautiful people!

OpenAir St.Gallen feels like a place where you will meet all the people you haven`t seen in years, where you reconnect with old friends and make new ones at the same time. It feels a bit like family, warm and fussy, always a bit weird but never uncomfortable. Swiss people are a bit less open compared to german or british folks, so it can be a bit harder to get to know them, but once you`re in, you`re in for good. 

Thanks to everyone who made this festival unforgettable and special thanks to OpenAir St.Gallen for having me!

PS: If you find yourself in one of these photos, please give me credit if you use them. If you want to download the file with higher quality, contact me and I`m happy to send it to you.