Festivalsummer 2019: Concerts - OASG Edition

Hi guys,

So if you follow me on Insta, you probably already saw that I was able to shoot some amazing artists at OpenAir St.Gallen. Longtime followers probably already know that my personal music taste is a bit on the heavier side, but I also love to discover new artists and this is exactly what this festival is so well known for! 

A rising star in the poprock and alternative Scene, who is best known for his soundtrack song for 13 reasons why and his crazy performances. I`m sure we will hear a lot more from him in the next few years, his current single is called I think I`m ok, it features Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker from Blink 182. He really heated up the mainstage, after a few songs literally everybody was dancing along and how could I not love that amazing Jumpsuit?! He is from Doncaster, England, which you can hear very clearly in his accent and I got a thing for artists who sing in their actual accent and don`t try to cover it up. He has the right level of craziness, high dose of energy and depths in his lyrics about current topics to get to the very top, so definately one to watch!

Axel Bosse is a german songwriter, guitarist and popsinger who has been around with his Band Bosse for more than a decade. He collaborated with some well known german musicians and has many fans in all three german speaking countries but isn`t well known anywhere else. Its a nice and easy listen, they do sound similar to other german pop bands but they got this carefree vibe where you don`t have to think a lot but can listen to the story they tell.

Pale Waves is a young Indie Pop band from Manchester, lead singer Heather being the central spot of the group. They released their debut album in september last year and it is what I would describe as classic indie pop-rock with a bit of a goth vibe. The performance was rather nice, as it was in the afternoon the vibe fit perfectly as the melodys are pretty light hearted why the lyrics go way deeper, even though I expected them to may be a tiny bit crazier than they actually were on stage. During the past year, they gained quite a bit of publicity especially in the UK, so we hopefully will hear a lot more from them in the future!

Where should I begin. This was one crazy ride! It started when we got into the pit and the security guy told all photographers to be careful because the guitarists would go into the crowd at least five times and already during the first three songs. I have never heard of them before but a friend told me that I need to see them. They are a british post-punk band, founded in 2009 with two records out and well known for their society critical lyrics. As I absolutely love bands who talk about politics and are open minded, they already had me at this point but their performance was so crazy good I advise you ,if you ever get the chance, to see them live and believe me, they will blow your mind! But take a look, I feel like you can see what I mean quite clearly in the photos.

Dennis Llyod is an artist from Israel who recently was quite succesful with a song called Nevermind. His music can be described as synth or indie pop, and one thing that was quite special about his perfomance was the fact that he played the trumped himself a few times! The tent was absolutely packed for his show and that was definately deserved, another young artist to watch, who hopefully wasn`t just a one hit wonder but has a lot more in store.

I don`t think I need to say a lot about this well known indie rock band from Manchester, as they have been around for a few years and we have all heard some of there really catchy songs. And if you haven`t, you got a reason to catch up on it now! They are established artists at all major radio stations these days, soundwise I would rather say brit pop instead of using the word rock. They performed a solid show which was really good musicially and had some fun moments when the lead singer took out his phone out of his bum bag to take some pictures. As suspected, the crowd was packed with young girls going crazy so the mainstage was nearly full even when it was ariund 35 degrees celcius!

Florence was the headliner of this years OASG and her performance was as magical as always. Her music, style, lyrics and the way she talks feel like she`s from another planet, a beautiful fairy that landed on earth who gifted us with her art. We all know her famous hits like Hunger and Ship to wreck, the band has been around for over ten years now and definately deserved the headlining slot. 
But there was one thing that made it a little bittersweet I really want to mention. After two songs, she stopped to say that it was too bright, the floor too hot, the ventilators would blow in the wrong direction so that her sress didn`t fly like she wanted it to and finally that the photographers should leave the pit early as she was sweating. Somhow, it took a bit of the magic away and made her more human - if in a good or bad way lies in your judgement.

If you want to use any of these photos, please contact me first and give me credit! 

I will be able to do it all over again at Summer Breeze in just a few weeks, any artists I can`t miss and definately should get in front of my camera? Write it in the comments!