Festival Summer 2019: Festivaloutfit - OASG Edition

Hi guys,

I hope you are all alright and if not, thats ok too. I spent the past few weeks working through thousands of photos of the second festival I was able to work with this year - OpenAir St.Gallen!

Let`s begin with one of my favorite festival outfits ever, before we dig a bit deeper into the sustainability and eco friendly topic until I will share some photos I shot of some Pretty amazing artists!

Every person that once meant the world to us leaves a footprint. 
We find ourselves reminded now and then, feeling this warm feeling of comfort. 

Some people choose to burry it, to let the bad times overshadow everything good or positive that these people brought to our lifes.

I choose to celebrate it. I will never delete a picture of social media, not tell a story or stop wearing certain pieces of clothing or jewellery just because someone I once loved is connected to it.
 I willingly choose the opposite, I choose to do all this things with pride, to celebrate my history and what made me who I am. 
Our society tends to judge if someone talks about things long gone, calls them sentimental or stuck, but aren‘t we in the end just proud of ourselves? 
Of who we are, our story, our strength, our love? 
We all got emotional luggage, we all got our story, and who are we if we want to conmect with someone but don‘t appreciate their past, the people in it and the path to the person they`ve become?

Our story is what makes us who we are, and this is something to be proud of.

Bodysuit: The Gypsy Shrine
Body Jewels: The Gypsy Shrine