Festival Summer 2019: Festivaloutfit - Southside Edition

Hi guys,

So after all these lifestyle, eco and festival posts I owe you one very important thing: 

My favorite outfit from Southside and some thoughts!

They say that you‘ll find out who your real friends  areduring hard times
You really do
I have never felt so loved, so safe, surrounded by so many beautiful people in my life ever before
I didnt expect that, in any way, and ist such a wonderful feeling knowing that there are people out there who value me, who have my back and jump with me when I do
Life and love seems more complicated than ever, but this just gives it another layer of knowing it will all be alright
I am who I am and my friends love me for that
I dont have to always give but deserve to receive
This is what friendship really means
Thank you 

Jacket: Missguided
Shorts: Blackmilk
Harness: The Gypsy Shrine




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