Oman Traveloutfit Nr.4: Exploring the desert on your own

Hi guys,

After nearly three months, my big Oman travelguide will finally be online at the end of the week! This weeks post on here will give you a little glimpse and I`ll tell you how to explore the dunes of the Wahiba Sands without a guide or expensive desert camp!

First of all, you will need a 4WD car and either deflate your tyres yourself or just stop at an air shop which are located at every entrance to the desert to let them do it. When you get out, just go back there and fill them up again, the gas stations nearby all have air stations too but they are all broken, probably for profit so you have to pay the shops. Don`t bother looking for a gas station with intact air machines and just go to the first air shop you see, driving with such a low pressure on tarmac will kill your tyres otherwise. 

Fill up with gas before you leave the village, you will need more then usual driving on sand so its always better to be safe than sorry. I would highly recommend to ignore the men trying to sell you a guide, the main road in the desert is in excellent condition and you probably could drive a 2WD on it. As long as you don`t leave it and drive too far into the dunes, you will be totally fine. The dunes are on both sides of the main road, so stop whenever you want and find a place to camp but please take your trash with you, its crazy how much plastic is hidden in the sand! The Wahiba Sands are safe and there aren`t any dangerous animals, all you`ll find are tons of goats and some camels. It is likely to rain during the night, which is something I never thought of before but it will dry up really quickly. If your tent is wet, leave it in the morning sun for a few hours and you`re ready to go. 

The dunes itself can easily be explored on your own by foot, to not loose direction you can use the sun as a reference, or the stars at night.

If you got any questions, leave me a comment and enjoy your adventure in the desert!

Pantsuit: Missguided
Crop Top: Primark