Oman Traveloutfit Nr.2: How to avoid the tourists

Hi guys,

As I mentioned in my last post, the country of Oman ( which is actually around the size of Germany! ) is currently going through some major changes. It slowly adapts to western standards, which has its pros and cons, it also means that while it is still a hidden gem 
at the moment, tourism is getting bigger every year. In my experience, most tourists stay around Muscat or Nizwa, but even there it is still extremly quite compared to other places like Iceland. If you choose to travel further, chances are high that you won`t see any other travellers for days, but if you want to enjoy sights like the Bimmah Sinkhole or Wadi Shab on your own, plan ahead is Always a good decision:

- go early in the morning, people tend to arrive at around 10 am and there aren`t many parking spots anywhere
- plan your route to avoid fridays and weekends at popular spots, locals like to visit them too on these days
- if you`re in Muscat, check for cruise ships as they tend to flood the city with tourist but they will leave all at once too
- if a group arrives with you, sit down and drink some tea. Wadis are big so you won`t see them again and have it all for yourself




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