Oman Traveloutfit Nr.1 : How to dress as a female traveller in muslim countries

Hi guys,

As you may have seen on my social media, this february I`ve spent a week in the middle east, in Oman to be exact. A destination not overrun by tourists yet, in the middle of big changes and inhabited by the friendliest people I`ve ever met. Despite being a quite modern country  and slowly adapting to a more western style of life, it still is a sign of respect to dress modest and to cover your shoulders, clevage and knees as a women. We shot quite a few of my outfits while we were there and I can`t wait to share them with you, maybe it will give you some inspiration on how to stay true to your style but adapt to the dressing standards in muslim countries. 

My go to were maxi dresses and kimonos, they are light so you don`t overheat but cover everything necessary in a few seconds. For sleeveless dresses, I just wore a crop top, a kimono or a light sweater over them. Many omani women like to dress themselves either colorful or black, so you will fit in no matter if you want to go with a more grungy black or combine your favorite gypsy pieces.

 Some easy styling tipps:
- wide pants with tops or sweaters that cover shoulders and clevage
- maxi dresses, wear a bralette under them or cover the clevage with a loose scarf or crop top , if its sleeveless combine it with a kimono or cardigan
- choose light fabrics, many muslim countries are in warmer regions so it can get hot but make sure they aren`t see through
- crop tops are great to cover clevage over jumpsuits or maxi dresses
- Always have a kimono or cardigan and a scarf with you in case you feel uncomfortable and need to cover up a bit more, or if you want to visit a mosque and need to cover your hair

Dress: Lotus Maxi by Spell & The Gypsy Collective