Festival Outfits 2018

Hi guys,

Its already march. And here I am, welcoming all of you that are still around or recently found my little space on the internet. I barely was able to keep up with all the effort blogposts require but now, finally, there are nearly a dozen posts waiting to get published and tons of amazing plans for the year being finalized! This blog will mostly concentrate on fashion, an alternative lifestyle and a deeper discussion of topics I talk about on social media. If you want to see everything travel related, head over to A call to the dreamers and if you`re interested in my photography portfolio, click here.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I attended Sziget Festival in 2018 and 2016, but this time I decided to take my camera with me and shoot some of my Festival looks. This is the place where I feel fully myself, putting on all the fancy clothes, drowning myself in glitter and leather with no judgement. Its all about love, freedom, art, self expression and music, thats why I`m so in love with festivals and have been attending so many over the last few years. This year, we will take it all on another level and if you liked this post, you got all rights to be excited of what is to come! 

Day 1

This was all about that alternative grunge x country vibe, a floaty dress perfect for dancing but not too hot for the high temperatures in Hungary during August. 

Dress: Spell
Shoes: Dr.Martens
Bag: Hollister

Day 2

What`s one of the very best parts of a festival? All the glitter! I could dress like this all day, ist just the perfect outfit in so many ways and how awesome is the Teddy?! 

Shorts: Blackmilk
Jacket: Dollskill
Teddy: Dollskill

Day 3

Back to  my roots and another look where I just feel like myself. A bit of punk, a bit of extra but a whole lotta me.

Bandana: Primark
Top: Dollskill
Shorts: UNIF

Day 4

Sziget is all about dancing, different styles of music and tents all over the Island. So why not dress like a raver for a day and raise a beer in the middle of a tent city that never sleeps? PS: That triangle blinks to the music rythm!

Top: Blackmilk
Shorts: Blackmilk
Backpack: Dollskill

Day 6

For the last day, I decided to wear something comfy, to dance to Lana del Rey and be that classic flower power festival girl for a day. We ended up dancing in a sandstorm that turned into rain a few minutes later until the sun nearly started to rise again before we head off to the Airport, what more could you wish for?

Top: Blackmilk
Skirt: Spell

I really hope you enjoyed this little recap and are as exited as me for the upcoming festival season 2019, can`t wait to see you all on the site!


Faye =*


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