Travel Guide: Paris / Versailles with a toddler

Hi guys,

Welcome 2018! This year will include some big changes on the blog. 
I want to stop just posting fashion photos and write shallow sentences under it, but write about things that are really important to me. I`ve done this since I started this blog, but only occasionally and I want to make this whole thing more meaningful, more educational and also - more personal. 

I want to start with our last travel journey of 2017, our trip to Paris with Michael and my stepson. We decided we want to use our holiday week with him and do an extended weekend trip somewhere we both wanted to go but would be too small for a whole week or two week trip in our eyes.
I fell in love with this city when I first visited in 2015, its pure beauty just blew me away. Versailles was on my list, and all of the beautiful arcitecture this place has to offer. We had four days incl arrival and departure day, so thats what this guide is based one. Sure Paris has much more to offer and if one day I will be here for a lay over or something, I have to go and finally visit the catacombs!

Where to stay? 

We decided to go with AirBnB, hotels and places to stay in general are crazy expensive here so I was happy to find a flat that was called family friendly, placed in a nice neighbourhood with enough space to place a baby bed in it. Always check if the flat is big enough for that, many weren`t and flats in Paris tend to be really really tiny. Also check for neighbourhood cause some definately aren`t made for kids, they are even dangerous at night. We stayed close to the Eiffel Tower, with many cute little food shops and restaurants just around the corner, I would definately like to stay in that area again. Cause we did not wanted to go to bed at 8 pm like the little one, we needed a balcony and our flat had a big one so we could stay awake, drink some wine and rest from the day while baby boy was safely asleep behind us. Sadly the bathroom was really moldy, the table had some misterious white substance on it and there was a fridge full with experied Food in it, but for that Price we can`t really complain about that. Just the part with the white substance when you say you come with a toddler was a bit shady to be honest.

How to get around? 

We arrived with the TGV, it departs multiple times a day directly from Zurich. Our first train had a two hour delay, I happily got a discount for that later on but apart from that it was a comfortable and nice journey. We had a stroller, a buggy, with us cause we didn`t wanted to carry him on our arms all the time ( getting a bit too heavy now ) and he wouldn`t be able to walk everything, also he was able to sleep while we were away from our appartement. Would really recommend that, otherwise you always have to go back to your base and sometimes the distances can be quite long so you would waste much time doing that. I prefer the Metro when in Paris, sadly its the stroller unfriendliest subway I have ever seen. There are stairs EVERYWHERE and no elevator, Michael had to carry it all the way down and up everytime we had to change lines or get on/off. If you have the chance to bring a carrier, even for bigger kids, definately do especially if you`re alone or dont have someone who can help you at all times. There are buses etc and we also walked a lot, we always do, but the Metro is the easiest way to get around cause there are stations around every corner.

What to do?

Oh there is so much to do and nearly everything is child friendly! We decided to go to Versailles, it was November so not too many tourists. He loved to run around and explore the Castle, I highly recommend to go there once in your life. It was really child friendly, when its warmer the garden is another place to explore and its the perfect place to play hide and seek. I personally wanted to go cause Im obsessed with history and maybe even annoyed Michael a bit with my historical Facts and Assasins Creed quotes ( seriously, why was Unity so unpopular?! I loved it! ) haha. 
Montmarte was quite nice, but the thousands of tourists even in winter took a bit of its charme. Also it was quite exhausting with the stroller cause its all up and downhill, but I would have loved to see this place during the 60s when it was a true artist meka.
We went on top of the Eiffel Tower, how touristy, and it was also really child friendly, we were allowed to take the stroller with us in the Elevator and there is much safe space for kids to run around on all floors.
Cause we were on a budget we did not enter the Louvre, but the big Plaza over and before it are gorgeous on its own. Again, much space to run around and play, you can bring the stroller and the arcitecture is marvelous!

It was a beautiful, relaxed trip for our first journey with the little one and we are so exited for the first big one in April! Stay tuned ;)

Do you have any questions, want to know more about a certain topic or want to let me know how you liked this guide, please leave a comment.




  1. Es ist großartig! Ich reise auch gern! Vor einem Monat kommen meine Frau und ich vom Nordpol. Es war eine wundervolle Tour in die Antarktis für 13 Tage über dem Eismeer Wir haben viele unvergessliche Eindrücke bekommen. Meine Frau möchte nächstes Jahr eine solche Tour wiederholen und es macht mir nichts aus, weil es mir auch sehr gut gefallen hat!


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