Took everything I had to not crash and burn, but I`m starting to learn

Hi guys,

So this is it. The most quite year so far on this blog, I never wrote less blogposts or did less shootings than I did this year. 
It has been a really challenging and hard one for me, I had the best and the worst moments of my life during the last 12 months. I grew, I went to rockbottom and back to the surface, learnt how strong I really was and how much of a fighter was sleeping inside of me. I learnt what Family really means, I got the chance to see life from a whole new perspective and I`m extremly grateful for that. Most importantly, love brought me here and love is what keeps me going, I experienced it in the highest version possible and still do. The fight isn`t over, but we came so far and won`t ever give up until everyone is safe, until we can live the life we all deserve to live. 

To a happy new year, filled with strength, success, many travels, hopefully more post and loads of love <3 p="">

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio

Kimono: Spell
Jacket: Zara
Turtleneck: C&A
Trousers: Missguided
Shoes: Dr.Martens

Love and kisses,

Faye =*