Beauty Special: Lush Christmas

Hi guys,

Im so happy to present you the Lush Christmas collection! As you know already, I love their products and Im able to show you their special collections from time to time. As always, I bought some of the products with my own money and got some from Lush directly to test them.

Last year they only had the normal body conditioners, but this year they decided to do all of them in a solid form without any packaging too! I loved the idea, less waste and more fun in the shower. It`s used the same way as the normal ones, just rub it on your body and shower it off to moisturize your body. Every time one of mine runs out I`m kinda sad, I always forget to use body lotion when I get out of the shower so this is perfect for me and it`s by far my favorite Lush product. This one especially smells like a sweet mint sugar cane, it feels extremly refreshing on your skin and I was suprised how long the smell stayed on.

This one turned the water into the most beautiful blue shade I`ve ever seen! All topped with a shit ton of glitter, it looked like the sky filled with stars and smelled like heaven. It probably turned into one of my favorite Lush bath bombs I have ever tried, first I wanted to leave it at the store but decided to try it anyway and oh it was worth it. Definately a secret favorite!

When I got the press flyer, this was the first item that caught my eye. I mean we all know Im obsessed with soaps and this one is freaking pear shaped, smells like pie and got glitter in it, sure Im in. Sadly it was sold out online and in store when I tried, you can imagine how happy I was when I had it in my package from Lush. 

Snow Fairy Solid Shower Gel

Ok so if you don`t like Snow Fairy, you can skip the next items cause I went slightly crazy. This is the best smell ever and I got so many items so I can use it all year around until it is released again. But let`s start with the solid shower gel, it feels a bit squishy which I actually like, same goes with it bottle like shape. It smells exactly like the normal shower gel, you just rub it on your skin and wash it off. I really like the package lesse products, for me the smell stays on your skin for a longer period and you can use the full amount, while with the bottles there is always a bit that stayes at the bottom.

I love Snow Fairy, I love Jelly Bombs and I love glitter. I mean what more could you wish for? No words needed, just go and get it! The slime is the same as with the Halloween one and your whole flat will smell like candy cotton heaven afterwards.

The same product as above, but this is the packed version. I got the small version, so will use it while travelling, their minis are perfect for this purpose by the way, I`ve used nothing else while on the road for years!

Some people break their bath bombs in two halfs to get more out of them, I don`t. It alread takes a lot for me to use this twice, but you defiantely can! Just strike through the water a few times with the wand and you will get amazing pink water and tons of foam to play with. I used it while baby boy was with us and he loved it too.

The normal version of the Body Conditioner, awesome as always. I did a Review of it last year, you can find it here.

This soap smells like a pine tree, like a ski weekend in the mountains, like an evening in front of a fire place with a glas of wine. I mean, it does have a great unique smell and looks really pretty too, what else could you wish for?!

Also a bomb that suprised me entirely. Such a strong, Christmas smell that stays for hours and bathing water that changes its Color from orange to red. I have to confess this already my second one, I loved it so much that I had to get another one for the time when Im more in the Christmas mood, with some cookies and mulled wine it`s heaven on earth.

Santa`s Belly Shower Jelly

I was so sure that I reviewed this before but can`t find anything. The shower jellys are so much fun, they keep the smell really well. I always got Problems showering with them cause I`m clumsy and the slip off my hands but my boyfriend for example loves them so much. The glitter on top disappears after a few uses, so you won`t be left with a golden body ( probably the reason he likes it that much haha).

Hope you liked this small Lush Christmas overview, 


Faye =*


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