Beauty Special: Lush Halloween 2017

Hi guys,

It`s that time of the year again: Halloween! 
The only month of the year when people don`t look at me like I`m a total weirdo cause they think I`m dressed up as a witch haha. 
So like every year, Lush has a special collection for this occasion and it`s fantastic as always. I got the chance to test some soaps and bathboms for you, so here is my review, I added the things i bought on my own too:

This one was so pleasing for my dark soul! It turns the water into a dark, black color and has a very subtile but nice smell, it didn`t produce the crazy amount of foam some other Lush bombs do but it was definately enough. I let my boyfriends son try it and he absolutely loved it too, white foam over black water and it crumbled very easily. Not sure if they changed the formula, but I had some bombs before that took way longer to fully emerge into the water so this was really satisfing too.

This bathbomb is the most halloweeny out of this years collection. I love the look of it, it turns the water into an orange Color as predicted but what I liked most was the fact that the smell stayed in the air for a long time. The smell is described as american candy, but for me for that I missed the famous pumpkin spice note. It does smell like fall though and in a really Relaxing way, so if you`re looking for that definately go with the pumkin bomb!

A classic! And I was devasted that I never tried it before, so I had to get this one. It spreads really slowly, which I liked in this cause so you can fully enjoy the color change in the water. The first ten minutes it`s a strong green, but when the shell is fully gone, it turns into a dark bloody red. The smell was as gorgeous as everyon described it, definately a candidate to be bought as a shower gel too! They now have a solid shower creme for almost all of the once they have as a gel too, I`m so looking forward to try them, definately keep an eye out!

My very first Jelly Bomb, hell I was excited to try this! There are so many new, special products at Lush that it will probably take forever for me to try them all. Despite seeing Videos on YouTube were people had problems with the shell, it disappeared quite fast and left a nice, thin slimy surface. I heard that some other Jelly Bombs produce thicker slimes, so I`m definately trying this soon too but for the beginning I really liked it. Quite a strong smell that stayed, which is always a plus point. I just wouldn`t recommend to stay in the bathtube forever cause the slime gets dry on your skin and hair which is quite weird feeling.

Im such a sucker for solid soaps. It got the usual block size from Lush, but with a gorgeous color transformation from green to red, slightly like Lord of Misrule. Nice smell, you can use it forever
( one Piece of Lush soap takes over 3 months to be used at mine and I use it around 10 times a day at least! ) and looks great on your soap display too.

Hope you liked my little review, check out there christmas collection and there new stuff which is quite awesome too! So many products without packaging which is absolutely great and many new, crazy types of products are availalbe now worldwide.


Faye =*