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Hi guys,

God I feel so bad. This trip was already two months ago and I haven`t posted anything about it yet, life was just crazy. If you follow me on Instagram you may saw that I did not only scored myself my soulmate, but with him a beautiful little boy. We moved together a month ago like I mentioned before and it was all really on short terms but I woulnd`t want it any other way cause its
just absolutely perfect. But enough cheesy talk, let`s talk about how we explored the beautiful country of Portugal!

First of all, we flew from Zurich to Lisbon. We stayed in town for two nights, wandered through the city and ate these amazing pastries called Pastel de Nata. For the night we chose the Sunset Destination Hostel which is placed inside of a train station and right next to the river, it was literally the most beautiful hostel I have ever seen! Like all european cities, Lisbon is also crowded with tourists but cause we travelled during high season in june, we expected nothing else. What surprised us a bit more, was the fact that we got offered drugs of all kinds every few minutes. No clue if it was because Michael is tattoed and I was dressed a bit alternative in comparsion to all the tourists but it seriously was crazy. 

The next day we picked up our rental camper van, which was an old VW Transporter that looked as fucked up as we wanted it to, and started our surfing roadtrip. The van itself was perfect, it seriously wasn`t in best condition and I won`t name the rental agency cause in the end some things went terribly wrong with them, but this car was beautiful and actually how we imagined our roadtrip van to be. For us, a perfect nice new van wouldn`t have fitted our lifestyle so we completly fell in love with this old shitty home on wheels. I marked our route on the map below, we started in Lisbon and found our first wild camping spot a bit south of Sines. Wild camping is actually not really allowed at the Algarve, but if you hide your car, take your trash and dont be too loud nobody will say anything. In the end we actually found an extra wildcamping camping spot near Praia Ingrina. After a very cold night, never sleep with the heck of your car pointed to the sea, we headed south to the Little surfer village called Sagres. You may recognize that name, cause the famour beer the brew there is called the same. It was obvious that surfer Season here is in winter, the village looked quite deserted but it wasn`t less pretty even if extremly windy. The beaches here had no waves at that time, so if you want to surf in summer make sure to stay at test west coast of Portugal and maybe even head to the area above Lisbon. There are some beautiful beaches east of Sagres, hidden treasures you can only access on sandy roads. We made the mistake to start driving more east, which lead us to the nightmare of every backpacker. No nature left, only tourists and hotels everywhere east of Lagos so that we decided to skip the famous caves and head back east, which was the best decision in comparsion on this trip. So we spent our last days surfing, relaxing and just enjoying life in our van before we had to go back to Lisbon to bring our car back. 

So if you like to go Surfing, Portugal is a must see! Make sure to go off high Season casue the waves will be better and avoid the south coast except its winter. Get yourself a van and enjoy that hippie life to the fullest. We loved our little van so much that we are now thinking about getting one of our own, there is no better feeling than complete freedom and if you got your home with you at all times, what on earth could beat that.




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