Thoughts: We grow and we change

Hi guys,

I already told you that my life went a bit crazy the past half year, so I thought it was time for another "thoughts" post.

We change.
We all do, it`s what makes life interesting and what gives us the power to continue, to follow our dreams. Im a big representer of doing whatever you want, to be who you are and to listen to yourself to do what feels good. It`s my personal state of freedom, I want to travel, to study, to be independent and to be able to put all I want, into one life.
But what happens if you change. Not what you stand for or how you want to live your life, but if you start to be willing to adjust your future in a way, you never thought you could or would want to? If you feel like you betray your younger self, like you`re now lying to your friends when you say what you used to say. When it`s hard to describe that your still exactly the same person, with the same view of life and the same plans, dreams, but just wouldn`t mind them a bit different. But that you still would never give up what you always wanted, or betray what you stand for. That it`s not giving up something, but to add something else, to all you already had and wanted. It`s hard and fucks with my mind, and it`s a lot to deal with, even without other people being involved in it. And it especially makes it hard when people you open up to, tell you that you wouldn`t be who you were a year ago, just because you`re changing but in a complete other part of yourself, that doesnt in the slightest affect the one that was and will always be there. The one you will always live and fight for, just in a bigger range and sharing it. Change is beautiful and it doesnt make someone less who they are, it just makes them a bit wiser.
We change. We add and adjust. 
We still are who we are.

Photography: Selina K ( Blog / Portfolio )

Necklace: H&M
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