That ultra-kind of love

Hi guys,

I can`t wait to scream it from the roof, I got wifi again! That means tons of new Posts, hopefully back to my old routine and more interesting content than ever cause I recently moved to Zurich. 

These photos were done by a lovely photographer I met a few months ago, taken in my boyfriends hometown on one of switzerlands most famous attractions. I added her link below the pictures, make sure to check her Instagram.
the dress is by Spell, I hunted it for such a long time and it was perfect for the last summer days this year. I love how not wearing a bra gives you so many more options with tops and dresses, would you be interested in an extra post why I went braless and my experience with it? 

See you next week peeps =*

Photography by Vanessa Barmettler

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: C&A




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