Food: New Roots Vegan Cheese

Hi guys,

I`m back from my longest break ever! 
New Outfits, new Food posts, maybe some Interior posts and a room tour around my new flat if you`re intersted, and tons of posts about me exploring places in my new hometown Zurich! If there is anything you want to read more about, leave it in the comments and I will see what I can do.

Todays post is about vegan cheese. I`m no vegan, I`m vegetarian and have been since I was six years old. But as I got older, I always tried to cut out as many animal products as possible and I stopped using cow milk years ago. But I just can`t cut off cheese at all, I love it too much and I feel like I would cheat myself if I would say I dont want to eat it. I always tried to find options to at least reduce my consume, but they all contained coconut which I can`t eat cause I get horrible stomach cramps afterwards. 

I got asked by New Roots to try out their vegan cheese, I heard of them before and tried some stuff at some local vegan markets, they don`t use any coconut but its all based on cashew. They make several different kind of cheeses, for example a hard, aged cheese, a camembert and a fresh cheese with different herbs on it. I got to try the "Aged Cheeze Nature" and the "Fresh Cheeze Greek Style".
And let`s say it right away, the fresh cheese is absolutely fantastic! On bread, on its own or with potatoes, my package disappeared really fast and everyone who tried it loved it. It got the cheese made of cashews with a really nice textured and the herbs are really giving the extra kick, they are well sorted and give the whole thing the extra power. 
As a normal cheese eater too, I had my issues with the hard cheese. It was a bit too chewy, tasted a bit like marzipan for me. I kinda got the cheesy vibe people talked about and I assume for full vegans its a really good alternative but for me it won`t be able to satisfy my cheese craving sadly. 

All in one they are way better than any other cheese alternative I`ve ever tried, I would love to try their cambembert too one day cause that`s one of my favorite cheeses. 

Several shops in switzerland store them, they sell their cheese on foodmarkets or you can just easily order online by checking out their shop.

Kisses and until next time,

Faye =*