You won`t be alone again

Hi guys,

Have you ever met your soulmate? Have you ever believed in soulmates? I never thought it existed. At all. Until I met this one guy, this one in a million who changed my whole life. Who made me see the world through a different light, we collided at a time where he was on his way to find himself and I was in full peace with myself. I started to believe that its faith that brings people together, to help each other through difficult times and to be able to rely on that person 24/7. But how is it to be with your soulmate during extremly stressfull and challenging situations? Its such a deep, meaningful and delicate connection, inside your soul, that if you`re too distracted it sometimes can be difficult to conntect with . During periods like this, you need to concentrate to find and listen to it, sometimes when everything around you seems so loud and overwhelming its a challenge to connect with that inner voice, that "soul string" that connects you with that other person. When life is calm , its time for bonding and strengthen it, but there are other times where you just need to suck from that connection to get the energy to push you through the hard times. I feel like its most important to talk about it and to find that balance between enjoying, strenghtening and using it as your powerbank, your enery source. And its especially important to take breaks, to just leave every day life and go with your other half somewhere just you two can be yourself. Thats why I travel. Thats why we travel. And next week, my and my soulmate will live van life for a week in Portugal, just us, a van, some surfboards and no plan at all. Before we take the next step and move in our own flat this fall, I cant wait to spend my life with this beautiful human.

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

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Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell




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