The calm before the storm, we'll face it all

Hi guys,

Another thoughts post, a really personal one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing these kind of Posts!

Im overwhelmed.
Sitting in a museum, and nobody warned me that opening up to feelings and desires would be so emotional. Today Ive seen and done the two things that move me the most, that I love dearly and will always be with me in my life - Art & History.

I have seen photographs of beautiful people, pure art, portraits and party shots. Women who looked like angels and these photos gave me so much inspiration I could burst.
30 minutes later Im walking through munichs history, fascinated by everything like a little child, nearly fanatic.And shocked how similiar todays situation is with the one around 1930. Its scary, crazy, heartbreaking and breathtaking.
You know the feeling if its so much you feel like you could burst and vomit at the same time? We need change. I need change. We need to fight, we need to show people that there is another way to bring peace.
Art is such a strong term, it has the strength to move people, to show them what matters and to give them the needed input to act. Its our responsibilty to start and fight for love and peace, to not give fear and hate a chance. Like so many generations before us have, but the ones who actually changed something where the ones standing in for their purpose. The ones who never gave up. People who say nothing ever changed are so closed minded that I have no words for them. No fight has ever been without a victory, especially the once without violence, the once for peace and not for power.
We need to get up again for this small piece of hope, as long as its there its worth fighting for.

And hope never fully disappears.

Photography: Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Kimonos: Spell