I don`t believe in saints, they never make mistakes

Hi guys,

I`m incredibly busy right now, school and work are really sucking right now. Im currently planning my travelling plans for this year and I hope it all works out like I want to, cause if it does its going to be amazing! Hopefully Im able to hit the road even sooner than expected, I need it desperately and half a year without travelling is way too long for me. As soon as possible I try to be more active on here again, until then make sure to check my Snapacht ( @badaloevera ) and Instagram ( @sweetaloevera ), try to post there more often =)

This was my Mode Suisse Outfit, quite urban and laid back. Comfy af and perfect for a long day!

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Sweater*: C&A
Flash Monsters Black Overalls: Black Milk Clothing
Boots: Dr.Martens


Faye =*