They don`t know shit and neither do I

Hey guys,

Oh god, so much happened the past few weeks! This year is going to be amazing, I got big plans and some have to do with this blog. The first week of January I did a little roadtrip through Switzerland, without social media or my camera, just life and doing what feels right. And it was fucking awesome! But I can`t wait to be on the road again with my camera, Im more inspired than ever to create art and express myself.

But on a serious reason, lets all remember to stay strong. Never give up to fight for our rights, for freedom and equality especially during this time. We can and will win, if we fight hate with love <3 p="">

Photography: Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Dress: For Love and Lemons via Free People
Boots: Dr. Martens


Faye =*


  1. Wow, I’m just really happy that I fint your blog. Your style is perfect. Don’t stop posting ,
    because I’m coming back.

    1. Thank you so much =) I definately will so stay tuned!

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