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Another one of my thoughts storys, hope you enjoy it!
As always, all topics aren`t about current situations and have been written some time ago.

Breakups are hard, heartbreaking and sad. Even if its in peace, even if both partys know that it just doesnt work, that there is absolutely no future. There will always be this one person, your first real true love. The one that will always be a part of you, the one you'll always love in some way and the one you will never forget. A friend of mine once sad that you cant hate or break up with your first true love in bad conditions cause there'll always be this connection. She was right. Even if you stay friends, enjoy the time you have with each other, there is always the danger of falling back in old habits. At least at the start, not because you want the relationsship back, but more because it would be comfortable. The moment this turns into friendship actually is the most beautiful one, cause this chapter of your life came to an end, you can go into a new direction but know what you've learned and are thankful for the experience. And you always have a friend by your side that knows you well.

Photography : Selina K. ( Blog / Portfolio )

Slip Dress *: PKK
Skirt *: Sammydress
Jacket: Missguided




  1. I agree, it's really beautiful when two people can stay friends after breaking up if they both want to... it can benefit both sides and it shows the relationship was really strong, even though it didn't last. Sad it's often not the case and relationships end up in bad blood. I can't uderstand people can be so horrible to the ones they claimed they loved before. Even if you don't stay friends at the end, people should at least cherish the times they had and respect each other.
    Anyway, nice outfit too, love the skirt!

    1. Thats so true, thanks for your comment! I feel like if you`ve been through so much together, shared love at one point, how can you just ignore someone else or even hate them? At least respect and being thankful for the time together should be normal.


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