Naming every shade of grey has left us colorblind

Merry Christmas everyone!

This year flew by so fast, its insane. So much happened and I will do some review posts again like last year. I see so many `Fuck 2016`memes, but even if some things happened that weren`t positive on first sight, in the end it all turned into something beautiful. I really can`t wait for next year, for new challenges, new adventures and to continue my journey. To do what I love, to envolve as a human being and getting inspired, to make something out of it. I dont know what it is just jet, but something big is coming. Life is about love, not about hate and fear.
Whatever religion you are, whatever you believe in

Let`s use these days to spread love, like we always should <3 br="">

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog/Portfolio )
Dress: Spell
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Ash Boots
Hat: H&M