Woodybunch Gypsy Store

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago when I was in Munich I had some spare time and decided to pop by at Woodybunch, a little gypsy shop that stocks Spell.
I never had the pleasure to experience one of my favorite brands live in a store before so I probably spent half an hour touching and staring at all the beautiful pieces.
They always have small stock of the new collections, currently their is a new one on its way and I will definately go back there when Im back in Munich at the end of december. The whole store is decorated beautifully, I loved the arrangements and the staff was incredibly kind. Its really small but non the less absolutely worth a visit!

They also have an online shop, if you`re not in that area or if you want to put something aside for pick up. Some long sold out pieces from previous collections are also on the site, so if you`re looking for something in particular, it may be worth a look ;)




  1. Oh so wunderschöne Sachen! Die Kissen und der Schmuck gefallen mir besonders.
    Liebe Grüße, Mona


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