It stays awake to haunt me

Hi guys,

What happened this week, it shocked us all. We were kinda expecting it, especially after what happened in the UK, whats going on in europe at the moment and how incredibly strong fear and hate are these days. That does not make it less tragic. This is what happens if we let fear and anxiety control us, morons like Mr. D. Trump are voted into positions they are not qualified for. People can`t see the truth anymore, they are controlled by fear and if someone promises security they take it, no matter what. Thats how World War 2 happened, thats actually how every war ever started. We are losing sight of what is really important, of what we really want. We are running into violence and hate because it promises satisfaction faster, cause its easier. Even if in the end we all want peace and love, we are fighting with hate. Wherever we look, this never ended well. Why not fight with what we want in the end? If we think about South Africa, it shows us that it is possible to fight with love, without physical weapons and to make people listen to their inner voice again.
Its going to be a long, hard way, but its more important than ever to stand together and fight for peace, equal rights for everyone no matter what sex, race or religion and justice. With love.

Spread love not hate!

Photography by Selina K. ( Blog )

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