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Hi guys,

Let`s talk about us. About our Generation Y, children of the Generation X, also called Millenials. We grew up with technology, are the first digial natives but not like the ones after us also experienced a childhood without smartphones etc.
What makes us wanna do things differently than our parents?
Why are we called unsettled, restless and critical positive thinkers?
I think you can find the answer to the that on the Internet. Other than our parents we have the possibilty to follow other peoples lifes all over the world, to see the different ways of living and were they lead to. We don`t want to live a quite life and stay in the same town a lifetime, or feel like having children and a family is our highest priority. We know what else this world has to offer, most importantly, we got the chance to find ourselves in a completly different way than any Generation before us. The Internet lets us discuss our thoughts with strangers, gives us Inspiration on how we wanna live and who we really are. We stand against hate, try not to let us lead by fear but by love cause thats what we learned through all this - That whatever we do, we are best at it if we enjoy it and know who we are. Maybe some people call it selfish, in my eyes its a whole new level of happiness.

We are supposed to be a better version of our parents, how can we do this any better than if we know our chances and who we are?

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  1. toller bikini
    ich mag den schnitt total und dir steht er super
    und die Farbe ist sehr schön
    liebe grüße

  2. Leider wird aber immer nur gesagt, dass wir eh nicht so viel drauf haben wie unsere Eltern, weil wir faul und internetsüchtig sind. Aber immerhin die Farbe von deinem Bikini ist schön.
    Liebe Grüße, Jessica |


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