Mode Suisse Edition 10 Part 1 L`Autre Regard

Hi guys,

A few weeks ago I was invited to Mode Suisse Editon 10 in Zurch, I already visited Editon 8 and 9 which you can recap if you click on the numbers. The evening was split into two shows, I`ll show you the first part today and the second one next week. The show was held at Puls 5 in Zurich and I liked the venue much more than the last one. Because of the better light situation it was easier to take pictures and more comfortable to watch the show, it wasn`t as hot as the last time.

Overall the collections were amazing, I loved that it was more on the art side and that the designer really tried something new which isn`t usual for Switzerland.

The fashion school from Geneva presented an interesting mix of fabrics and colors, I especially liked the men looks and the PVC pieces. They really made sure that the outfits fitted the models look what gave them a unique personal style instead of just being a mannequin.

A classic collection with retro prints and cuts, flowy culottes and loose dresses. Im always looking forward for their show cause they never disappoint and the laid back look paired with these print does make it really international. My favorites are the pink dress and the blue culottes.

Half of the collection had crazy prints on it, the other half was plain colored. How cute are the little symbols? I really liked the nighty/Lounge wear two piece and the fact that all was presented braless.

One of my favorites, lets talk about the gorgeous suits, jumpsuits and dresses. The fabrics were absolutely beautiful and the amazing black/white dresse even had pockets.

This actually is the first mens collection I liked every piece from, all the looks are really wearable but not boring at all. Classic Colors mixed with straight lines and interesting cuts.

Hope you enjoyed it, stay tuned for part 2




  1. Echt coole Outfits. :)
    Am besten gefällt mir das Outfit mit dem rosa-roten Oberteil am Anfang !


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