Travel: Manchester / Liverpool

Hi guys,

I decided to do this travel post a bit differently. During my journey I wrote something like a travel diary I would like to share with you and please leave me feedback if you want to see more posts like this in the future!


First stop, Düsseldorf. The weather is shit but I dont care, Im only here for four hours and will spend them at the airport. Its a small one, Im having trouble to find a good book store and Wifi. Last one is actually non existent, there are signs everywhere but no signal wherever I go. I try to find a place where I can charge my phone, there is only one in a lonely corner. So I sit there, listen to music and wait for it to get charged. It seems like the only people here are couples, girls sleeping on a guys shoulder or eating lunch together. Im not sure how I feel about this. Somehow, I wish to have someone by my side to share my travel journey but on the otherhand, I rather go on my own than have someone with me who won`t enjoy my sort of travelling. I remember how nice it is to sleep on a warm shoulder while in a plane, but two seconds later I see a couple arguing about the place the want to get lunch at, Im glad that I can do whatever I want without listening to another persons opinion. He looks rather unhappy, she seems exhausted. No thanks, been there, done that. So I go to lunch on my own, while two pretty girls wearing next to nothing with a really tiny dog take a seat next me. I get why guys would like them, they are hot but something in the way they move and act seems cheap, boring and predictive. A plane is leaving for Tokio and hundreds of japanese people are waiting in line, Im surprised by the way they dress. All the girls are dresses pretty casual, but they all wear incredibly fancy shoes! All colors, materials and kind of heels, it seems like everything is allowed it just shouldnt be boring. More couples, it seems like Im the only person travelling on my own on this airport. I enjoy this stay, time for myself, time to watch people and give them a smile. After the big planes left, the airport seemed silent. Again, I went looking for a plug-in but appearently this airport didn`t liked me at all, I couldnt find another one or make the wifi work. So I spent my time sitting and jaming to the music in my headphones. I smile at every person coming in, more than half of them seems surprised and the other half smiles back, its so easy to bring a moment of happiness into someones life.


Im in Manchester and its so fucking pretty! I like everything, the architecture, the music and how people dress themselves. I spent my evening strolling around the city and fell more and more in love. Im suprised how easy it is to find everything, I always get lost but here it seems different. And Im relaxed, no stress. On the next morning I took a train to a friends hairsalon who lives a little bit out of the city. We passed the famous football stadium, some gorgeous buildings that looked like castles, and churches whos ships were higher than the bell tower of a swiss church. I love the urban vibe around here. New York also got it, but mostly in Brooklyn. London also, but people got aware of it and it got pushed into a touristic magnet incredibly fast. But again, it seems different here, pure and raw. People dont seem to be aware of it that much, its just normal life and not 'in' like it is in London or pushed to its fullest like In NYC. The place where my friends salon is, is incredibly dead, I may saw three people on my 20 minute walk. It all seemed pretty sad and without any perspective, but my hair turned out exactly the way I wanted it. When I was back in the city, I headed to John Rylands Library and it was absolutely breathtaking! Such a beautiful place, if you`re ever in Manchester you have to visit. I forgot time while looking at all the pretty books and buildings, went to Vapianos for lunch and headed back to the Hostel to grab my suitcase. Again, it was really easy to find the right train to Liverpool and we went off 10 minutes too late. A few years ago, when I visited Cardiff, we wondered why all the people who work in the trains always add `cheers` to their sentences. Its the same here, if I show my ticket I hear at least two 'cheers'. On the train I listened to the Beatles, how cheesy.


Im at a rave, in Liverpool. Actually, its a Bingo Rave and that means that everything is pretty insane. And its true what they say about british girls, they all look really pretty but exactly the same. Why do you want to leave your identity behind and join the mass, just to look pretty? Even after 4 hours of partying they still looked exactly like they did at the beginning, my friend later told me that they refresh their make up every half an hour. And its a lot of make up, people in Switzerland tell me that I wear quite a lot but here they say the opposite.
Liverpool was intense, we started with glittery toilets and a crazy small homeparty, ate amazing breakfast and danced on tables on a thirsday night. I visited a cathedral that looked like it just came out of assasins creed, saw the most amazing architectures and ate the best pizza I ever had. 


If you ever have the chance to visit these two cities, do it. They are absolutely beautiful and definately worth a visit. I hope you liked it =)




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  2. Du hast einen sehr interessanten Blog und ich lese deine Geschichte immer mit großer Freude und teile sie mit meinem Freund, der auch gerne reist.

    Übrigens warst du schon mal am Nordpol? Weil ich und meine Freunde nächsten Sommer zu Nordpol Entdecker gehen, also wenn du da warst, ist es sehr interessant für uns, deine Tipps und Geschichten darüber zu hören.


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