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Hi guys,

Last week we talked about Festivals, today its about what I wore.
I have some pieces I wear on every Festival, not exactly the same way but for example my harness shorts are always with me.
Let`s be honest, european Festival aren`t Coachella and things can get dirty, muddy and wet. This means that white is a no go, same goes with lace cause its hard to clean. But what to wear if you still want to be stylish? Oversized dresses! This one is from Spell and a XL, the fit is really loose but also extremly comfy. I didnt had to worry about my Outfit for a second, I knew that everything was were it was supposed to be. Oh and it was a showstopper, I got asked so many times where its from.

- be aware that your outfit can get wet, dirty or damaged

- choose something comfortable that will stay in place on its own

- choose simple jewellery and soft materials so you won`t hurt yourself in the crowd

-stay true to yourself and don`t wear a Shirt and shorts just because everyone else does if its not what you really want to wear

- good shoes are everything, I love my Dr.Martens

- stay away from light colors and delicate fabrics

Dress: Spell
Necklace:Gypsy Love
Jacket: Vintage
Boots: Dr.Martens




  1. Toller Look :)
    Lieben Gruß

  2. Sehr hübsch. Das Kleid steht dir super ;)

    liebe Grüße

    1. Dankeschön, und das obwohl es eigentlich grösse XL ist =D

  3. cooler Look und steht dir wirklich super!


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