We can`t run from fate

Hey guys,

How was your weekend? Im in between my exams and really busy at the moment, sadly I don`t have time to write or Photograph as much as I would like to but I really hope this will get better once everythings over during the summer months.

I adore Alfonse Muchas work. The way he portraied this girls, not perfect at all if you look closely but somehow, they still look complete and beautiful. Its the same with this photos, my outfit is more on the sexy side, I show a lot of skin but also many of my imperfections are shown. You can see my pigment spots, my scoliosis spine and even the birth mark I have between my shoulder blades, exactly the same on as my mother.

I still love my body and myself, as a kid I always said that I am a map and maybe somewhere there is a place that looks exactly like my skin and every birthmark is a treasure.

There is magic in all of us <3 

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters




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