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Hi guys,

Finally! After weeks of promising you my England Roadtrip post, its here.


My plan was to start at London Heathrow, I rented a car online and that was my biggest mistake. Never rent through an online agency, always use the big companys website and rent there directly. When I arrived, they didn`t accepted my card and no other company wanted to give me a car because I was under 25. After four hours running through the whole airport I ended up crying at Avis Budget and the lovely lady there was so touched by my story that she did everything she could to get my car asap. To complete this shitty day, I already scratched it while driving out of the airport. I basically had no energy left and didn`t care, I just wanted to go to bed but when I arrived in Brighton in front of my Air  BnB, there was no free parking spot anywhere. Next advice, if you go by car make sure that the appartement has its own parking spot and not only public ones, I was destroyed after walking all uphill for 20 minutes with 30kg baggage.

The flat itself was gorgeous, really clean and modern. I reparked my car in the morning and my host gave me a card so I didn`t had to pay. Sadly I lost nearly a whole day by finding a car and so I ended up only spending half a day in Brighton, which was a shame cause this little city deserves more time. Happily the weather was amazing and I ate the most amazing Mac and Cheese for lunch.

After I accidently found the shopping area, got lost and spend way too much money ( thought I deserved it after that horrible day ), I drove all the way from Brighton to West Bay. A little Village near Bridport and probably the most beautiful place I visited on this trip. I never drove on the left side before, the roads were mostly in an awful condition and Im wasn`t sure if my car was more damaged than it first looked like. I found my room for the night quite easily, if you ever think about visiting this are make sure to check out this Air BnB, the location is amazing and there is a little path behind the house is absolutely breathtaking, especially during sunset.

On the next day I went to Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove, the two main attractions on the Jurassic Coast. I was surprised how many elderly people walked down the paths and I was out of breathe in a few seconds. Chesil Beach was also on my list, but after I got stopped by a police officer cause I didn`t let him pass me, I was too busy focussing to drive on the left side and didn`t even see him, I decided to go to Lyme Regis instead. Oh dear, never go there by a car or leave it in front of the village. It started to rain shortly after I arrived, so I went back to the house and packed my stuff for my departure on the next day.

It rained quite heavy, the streets and my damaged car made the way back to London pretty dangerous. After I gave back my car and found out that the lady gave me full coverage protection, I took the tube to go to London for one last day. The Hostel I stayed at was pretty bad, my room mate brought a guy with her in the middle of the night and had to vomit in the morning. I went on one last shopping trip before I met with a lovely sharkie for a drink and a Creme Egg McFlurry ( why don`we have that in Switzerland?!? ). My mom wanted some Scones and so I entered Borough Market in the morning, this place is heaven! Sadly, I had to leave the city again before noon to get to the airport and get my flitght back to Switzerland.

For a future trip I would prefer to stay longer at one place, if something goes wrong you don`t have to quit a destination and rush from one place to another. But it definately motivated me to travel more often on my own, its such a different experience and you make new friends really quickly.

Have you ever been to the south of england or heard of the Jurassic Coast?




  1. Wahnsinnig tolle Eindrücke und es klingt ganz nach einer wunderbaren Zeit in England! So einen Road Trip würde ich auch gerne mal machen. Mac & Cheese ist übrigens auch meine Lieblingsmahlzeit bei den Engländern und Amerikanern - einfach YUMMI! :D


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