Travel / Event: C&A Showroom Amsterdam

Hi guys,

Two weeks ago I went to Amsterdam with C&A for their new Fall/Winter Collection 2016. You may remember the Showrooms in Paris and Berlin, this time the really outdone themselves and made the Event an amazing experience.
The location was an old gaswerks, a big tank decorated in natural colors and hidden corners to explore everywhere. The collection was seperated into Women, Underwear, Denim, Clockhouse, Men and Accesorys.


I was quite surprised that I liked that many pieces. Cozy sweaters and cardigans, elegant coats and blouses paired with shirts, all you can wish for in winter. For the holiday season, there will be some elegant dresses which looked really good and special. My favorite Piece was the floral lace maxi skirt, a real must-have!


Darker colors paired with lace details, sexy and comfortable. Normally their underwear doesn`t fit me really well, but some of these pieces were so good looking that I have to try them on.


As you already know, Im not such a big fan of Denim. But I really, really like flares, culottes and bell bottoms, they had a few interesting cuts that are worth to keep an eye on them.


My favorite part of the Showroom! Main topic was Grunge, so you know why I love this collection so much. The leather jackets they showed are absolutely brilliant, some other favorites were the velvet accessorys and the boots.


As last year, they mostly talked about comfortable suits and how to pair the elegant pieces for everyday wear. Really inspirational, already gave my boyfriend some tips how to style his clothes based on how they did it there.


So many beautiful bags! I hope the colors look the same way instore as they do on the samples, they always look really good. Small bags are definately a huge trend for next season.

I hope you liked this little Guide, if you want to see more of these post please tell me in the comments!




  1. Wow! Da sind ja richtig coole Sachen dabei. Es haben mir einige Teile sehr gut gefallen und die Location sieht auch gut aus :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Das stimmt, lohnt sich sehr da im Herbst mal rein zu schauen =)


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