Maybe I love you

Hi guys,

I recently took a look in my wardrobe and got rid of many things I won`t wear ever again. As always I put them in a big box I have in my cellar and called a few friends who may would like some of the stuff. While we were looking through the box I found clothes I wore in my early teens, before I went on the path to find myself and knew who I wanted to be.

Gosh, some things were so horrible. Do you remember all the babydoll tops, mini hotpants and bodycon dresses? Yeah, I did it all. At the same time Im proud of who I am today, all things had to happen the way they did otherwise we wouldn`t be who we are.

By the way, something exciting is going to happen tomorrow, follow me on Snapchat to see where Im going @badaloevera !

Jacket: Zara
Necklace: Primark
Bag*: C&A
Shoes: Dr.Martens




  1. lovely outfit ! :> i love the combination of the cute long dress together with the leather jacket :>
    xx josi

  2. Das Outfit steht dir wirklich sehr gut
    Liebe Grüße Michelle von beautifulfairy


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